tiPro Group was involved in the marketing of numerous ICOs in late 2017 and early 2018. The CEO of tiPro Group at that time was Nerijus Tilvikas who was also the CMO of Blockchain Solutions the company that was behind TokenDesk and was consulting to Blockchain Open Fund which was owned and operated by Goldfish Fund and LTk Capital.

Nerijus Tilvikas quotes the same figures that were on the Blockchain Open Fund website which was raising over 120,000 ETH (USD$100+ Million) so it is reasonable to assume that he was working on all of the ICOs related to Blockchain Open Fund and that most or all of the ICOs that he reviewed he was associated with as many of them have already been linked to Blockchain Open Fund.


Company Information

The people behind the tiPRO Group

  • Nerijus Tilvikas | CEO
  • Elvijus Gudžiūnas | Sales Manager | LinkedIn says Owner and CEO
  • Liudas Smatavicius | Chief Technology Officer | CTO | Bitcoinus
  • Galina Cabbage | Advertising Project Manager
  • Kristina Ramoniene | Advertising Project Manager