Promo Vero is closely related to the Meta Group and MPC Group which operates from the same address, uses the same number, has staff working across all three and there are links to TokenDesk, Blockchain Open Fund, Goldfish Fund and LTk Capital. One of their partners is

UAB Promo Vero, UAB Meta Group and MP MPC Group are owned by the same small group of people who also own and run IUNGO. There are numerous crossovers between them, the staff working on IUNGO and a substantial ownership of Bitcoinus of at least 20%.

Paulius Sirevičius (also known as Paulius Seras) is the CEO of UAB Promo Vero which was the part owner of Bitcoinus whilst also the CEO and Co-Founder of IUNGO and the Co-Founder of Meta Group and CEO of MPC Group.

IUNGO Chief Operating Officer Andrius Mačys is the director of a related company that operates from the same offices called UAB “Meta Group”. Paulius Sirevičius is listed as the director of MB MPC Group.

The listed phone number for UAB “Meta Group” and MB MPC Group comes back as owned by Paulius Seras and is the same number used by UAB Promo vero. Another listed number for Meta Group is owned by Andrew.

Tomas Zajankauskas the Web Developer for IUNGO is a Project Manager for UAB Promo Vero and previously was employed by UAB Meta Group.

Gintare Kairyte was the Marketing Manager at Bitcoinus, Business Developer at Promo Vero and Marketing Manager at TokenDesk at the same time.

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