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Veritas Mining – Veritium (VRTM) and Xenium (XENM), SolarStake (SLRS) and Helios Energy need to use the separate form here.

This does not commit you to proceeding but is to gauge an indication of the numbers of investors and to keep track in the event of the closure of Telegram groups.

You will be contacted in the future to explain options before any action is taken. This is not a quick process so it might be a while before you hear anything, subscribe to the relevant ICO main page to get updates.

What is the total number of Tokens that you own for this ICO?
This is used in case we need investors in a certain country for legal action or to file a complaint.

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  1. I need help because I cant withdrawl my MIO Tokens From Tokia and on top of that they want to take a large portion of my tokens.

    First they say to deposit it onto theyre platform (where automatic payouts will be made) and then they want you to remove it because they changed theyre mind while they get to keep a large chunk of the token if you withdrawl – this smells like a scam to me.

    However My MIO tokens cant be withdrawn from the Tokia Platform back to my wallet. I Need Help ASAP Please.

    1. Being realistic it’s unlikely you will see those tokens again, the only good part of this is that they were essentially worthless anyway at this point in time. All is not lost, you have the wallet address, there is proof that you transferred the MIO there, you have proof (emails and screenshots) so in any action taken against Miner One you would still be included. Still try to get hold of Tokia or Miner One over the coming day as this will show that you tried multiple times.

  2. MIO tells me, that they sent my MIO tokens to a wallet adress, that das no exist. I never agreed, that they send my token to that adress.
    No response from support for many weeks…

    1. All you can do at this point is keep all the communication and details surrounding your MIO purchase and closer to a possible class action we can look at the details. This shouldn’t be a problem as long as we can prove ownership.

  3. Has anyone ever get his/her money back from this scammers?
    I just want to get my money back, jail time for these people isn’t good enough.

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