I invested in Miner One when they launched their ICO, I believed in what they were going to do and jumped in on the first day. In late June 2018 I sold my tokens and put them into another mining operation after I lost faith in the CEO after his latest Facebook chat but I still kept around as I was going to buy back in later. Fast forward to today and here we are.

A question I get asked all the time is why am I spending all this time putting this information together, gathering evidence and helping with this problem when I no longer have a financial interest in Miner One. The answer is that someone has to, so many ICOs are getting away with what is nothing short of theft because no-one is prepared to spend the time to get the police interested and to prepare the evidence to get legal assistance.

Putting this site and information together consumes all my time at the moment to the point where I’m taken away from paid work. I started this site looking into Miner One and from there it’s grown to Tokia, Golder Games, Dorado, IUNGO, Bitcoinus, TokenDesk and other related companies totalling over $180 million dollars in lost investor funds who are in the process of or have already staged their exit scam.

In early March 2019 after close to 1000 hours of work the CEO of Miner One Pranas Slusnys was arrested in Lithuania and faces charges of which one alone is up to 8 years in jail. Others are also facing charges from the same ICO and a class action is being planned with initial discussions with law firms taking place. I want to continue this work but to do so requires your help.

All of these appear to be ICO exit scams but there is no way to take action against them without gathering evidence and putting together the pieces before they start destroying information which has already commenced. There are even more ICOs that are being put together and a lot of work that I can’t publish today both through lack of time but also the content would tip off the ICOs involved.

Gathering all the evidence and collating information for each ICO takes many hundreds of hours and putting it together takes a lot more. I can’t guarantee recovery of any funds for any of the ICOs but I’ll do what I can with my limited resources but need some help to continue this work. This can be a donation or even some inside knowledge would help.

A donation no matter how small would be greatly appreciated and allow me to continue to expose ICOs. I also accept tokens for the ICOs I’m looking at these are required to make a complaint to the authorities allowing me to be kept up to date and assists with the class action process if this goes ahead.

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Token Donations

We currently require Bitcoinus (BITS), Dorado (DOR), Golder Games (GLDR), IUNGO (ING), Miner One (MIO), TokenDesk (TDS), TOKIA (TKA) and Welltrado (WTL). Whatever you can spare would be appreciated, I’ll remove the token from the list when we have enough.

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