Goldfish Fund domain name about to expire |

The Goldfish Fund website at has not been fully operational since the arrest of Pranas Slusnys the CEO of Miner One and returned without a lot of the information until the 4th of June 2019 when the domain was pointed at a GoDaddy parking page. The domain expires on the 7th of August 2019 […]

The Goldfish Fund Website

Main Page Goldfish Fund builds and invests in the next wave of great companies. Want to work with us?Whether you are an established business, a group of founders, or an international business wanting to expand into Frontier Markets, we would like to hear from you and explore how we can partner-up.Get In Touch About OUR […]

Goldfish Fund (LTk Capital) Company Information

The Goldfish Fund’s legal entity is LTk Capital UAB. The owner of LTk Capital is Tadas Karosas. The website for LTk Capital UAB now forwards to the Goldfish Fund website since early 2018. LTk Capital is derived from L inas T adas K Arosa , LT for L i t -motorized. Ieva Šiaudkulienė | CEO […]

Tadas Karosas and Saulius Svitojus have been sentenced for bribery

Press release from Vilnius City District Court Linas Tadas Karosas and Saulius Svitojus have been sentenced for bribery 19th of November 2014 2014 November 18 The Vilnius City District Court has pronounced a criminal case in which Linas Tadas Karos was accused of bribery and Saulius Svitojus was accused of bribery, falsification of documents and […]

LTk Capital Website

2018 Redirected to Goldfish Fund Website in early 2018. 2017 About US LTk Capital is a holding company operating in Latvia and Lithuania. Since its founding in 2001, LTk Capital actively manages its investments, exercising control or significant influence over target businesses: defining performance objectives, participating in the development of business strategy, and monitoring its implementation. Currently, LTk Capital manages a […]

Blockchain Open Fund Company Information

Little is known about how this company is setup, no Lithuanian company has been found nor where it’s registered. What is know is who the people are who are behind it. Where the funding comes from and returns to is not known. LinkedIn |

Who are the people behind Blockchain Open Fund?

Jonas Karosas | Managing Partner Profile | LinkedIn Jonas Karosas has +10 years of experience in venture capital, e-commerce, apps, e-marketing and startups.Managing Partner at Blockchain Open Fund, which exclusively concentrates on incubating, founding or funding ICOs.Investment Commitee member at Open Circle Fund.Previously co-founded Foodout Group ( and is now spearheading growth hacking and lean […]

Who are the people behind Goldfish Fund?

Tomas Martunas | Managing Partner Profile | LinkedIn Responsible for operational management of Gold Fish Fund. Tomas Martunas has 15 yearsof experience in mobile as well as information and communication technologies,developing mobile value- added services and apps projects in Western and Eastern Europe.During 13 years career in banking, Tomas Martunas implemented various mobile banking,internet banking, […]

The Goldfish Fund website goes offline and returns missing information after the arrest of Miner One CEO

Both the Goldfish Fund and Blockchain Open Fund had website outages after the arrest of Miner One CEO Pranas Slusnys on the 7th of March 2019 and only the Gold Fish Fund site returned as a HTTP (non secure) as the SSL certificate is not installed correctly. Update: On the 4th of June 2019 the […]

Blockchain Open Fund domain name has expired |

The Blockchain Open Fund website at website went offline after the arrest of Pranas Slusnys the CEO of Miner One and has not come back online. Starting the 17/3/2019 it is now displaying a domain expired noticed after the 14 day grace period expired. Checking the domain name shows it was registered for a […]