TOKIA CEO Anna Lunhu Responds to SCAM Allegation

Tokia ICO: BEWARE POTENTIAL SCAM, Anna Lunhu the CEO responds. This was a response to questions regarding where the company was registered after a potential investor was banned from the TOKIA Telegram group for asking questions. This was posted on the 2nd of January 2018 by a user called TOKIA in the BitcoinForum. Hello everyone, […]

Open letter from Tokia advisor Steven Vermeire

Published on the Tokia website and Twitter account on the 4th of September 2018. “The roadmap of Tokia is straightforward and it’s important to note that Tokia is still adding development power as well as strengthening their team. Developing a cryptocurrency exchange solution is not only about the speed of the development of different features […]

Who is Steven Vermeire | Technology, Business and Management Advisor to TOKIA and Mentor to Blockchain Centre Vilnius

Details LinkedIn Resume I’m enjoying creating Strategic Value and support Digital transformation by linking Business & Technology!!I’ve been at the front-end of technology revolutions: Cloud/SaaS before the Cloud, Digital currency and interconnected dB’s before Crypto/DLT’s, Digitalisation:Technology companies need to tackle business needs, supporting the ever changing world!Tech solutions should be a supporting framework for business […]