Who are the team behind Bitcoinus?

Zavier Murtza aka Xavier Murtza | Co-Founder, CEO Profile | LinkedIn Tomas Mičkauskas | Co-Founder Profile | LinkedIn Povilas Ruzgaila | Chief Marketing Officer (later Co-Founder and CEO) Profile | LinkedIn | ICObench Karyna Kavalenka | Social Media, Client Support & Business Development Manager Profile | LinkedIn Liudas Šmatavičius | CTO Profile | LinkedIn Boris […]

Who is Liudas Smatavicius | Chief Technology Officer of tiPRO Group and Bitcoinus?

Contact Details Liudas Šmatavičius LinkedIn Connections Works for tiPRO Group which is involved with TokenDesk, the Blockchain Open Fund, Goldfish Fund and LTk Capital. Discrepencies No mention of CTO role at Bitcoinus on LinkedIn Resume CTOTiproOct 2013 – Dec 2018 Senior Software EngineerCentral Project Management AgencyMay 2011 – Jun 2018Vilnius Software DeveloperUAB DINETAApr 2005 – […]

Bitcoinus links to Blockchain Open Fund, Blockchain Solutions, IUNGO, Miner One, Provoco, TokenDesk and TOKIA

Blockchain Open Fund The Blockchain Open Fund works through TokenDesk and was involved in the funding of Bitcoinus. Blockchain Solutions Tomas Mickauskas is the CEO of Blockchain solutions and Povilas Ruzgaila is also involved. Blockchain Solutions is the marketing side of TokenDesk. Three members of Bitcoinus worked at Blockchain Solutions. Tomas Mickauskas fails to mention […]

Why are so many Lithuanian ICOs failing with over $250 MILLION lost on a few ICOs?

These ICOs generally operate in the same way, they are provided funding and support by the Blockchain Open Fund and/or Goldfish Fund. There is a growing group of failing or failed Lithuanian ICOs that all have one thing in common, the Blockchain Open Fund which is owned by Goldfish Fund. The management of both are […]