SolarStake (SLRS) ruled an ILLEGAL ICO by the Thai SEC

SolarStake (SLRS) has been ruled an ILLEGAL ICO by the Thai SEC. The ongoing investigation by the Thai SEC has ruled another one of Jeremy Tan’s ICOs ILLEGAL and their investigations continue. Those investors who have opted to take the ILLEGAL shares from the unregistered, unlawful and ILLEGAL operation Helios Energy might want to reconsider. […]

Is G P really Jeremy Tan?

Yes. This is another of Jeremy Tan’s faux accounts used to control conversations in the Veritas Telegram Group. This is all of the posts that G P made in the Veritas Group, I did not include the posts in Ambit or IRM groups. G P jumped from novice to expert within a few posts. You […]

Is CJR really Jeremy Tan?

The answer is that he is actually a Sports Doctor that works in the UK for the NHS. He joins a growing list of Doctors from Furat Al-Murani and Mohammad Avais Khan that believe everything that Jeremy Tan has to say and are willing to do his bidding without question. Just like SolarStake and Helios […]

What Happened at Veritas Mining including Helios Energy and SolarStake?

This summary document covers the Veritas Mining ICO’s in Stage I and the spinoff Helios Energy and SolarStake ICO in Stage II. Jeremy Tan has launched a campaign against myself and others in an attempt to keep investors from the truth however the statements made in the articles are all based on facts not a […]

Veritas Mining Illegal Dumping of Tokens

There are a multitude of issues with the dumping of tokens. There are tokens which have been sold on Fork Delta after being issued by the ICO, generally without payment. Some tranches of these ‘suspect tokens’ have often also received dividends at the same time, and in the same fashion as other paying investors did. […]

Did the Veritas Mining Facility Flood, Lose Power and Internet?

NO. This was part of an elaborate exit scam that Jeremy Tan construed. The proof is simple and irrefutable. Aerial photos show no flooding and local businesses say there was no flooding, no power issues and no internet issues. The location of the previously secret mining facility is known and these aerial photos can be […]

Veritas Mining Detailed Blockchain Analysis

As Jeremy Tan and Furat Al-Murani would say when asked for photos and video, the blockchain is immutable and all the evidence you need. This is work in progress, a lot more detail to come…. Summary Three wallets that have been linked to Jeremy Tan have stolen $621,440.02 of XENM tokens. These are not the […]

Is Jayne Tulia really Jeremy Tan?

Yes. This is another of Jeremy Tan’s faux accounts used to control conversations in the Veritas Telegram Group. Known to everyone in the VRTM telegram chat, Jayne Tulia is the mysterious and very young, Thai investor who arrived out of nowhere. Allegedly, she was invited in by Jeremy Tan – by asking another investor to […]

Medium | Helios Energy signs Major Contract

Article SolarStake | Sep 12, 2019 · 2 min read Following a successful visit to Namangan, Uzbekistan in June, and after several weeks of planning and negotiations, our sponsoring company’s CEO, Jeremy Tan, was invited to the Uzbek Embassy in Bangkok to sign the official contract to start work on the first phase of the […]