Medium | London calling…! | SolarStake

Article SolarStakeOct 2, 2019 · 2 min read SolarStake would like to invite UK based investors (or from further afield!) to a meet up with some of the SLRS team on Saturday, 19th October 2019. It will be an informal affair with some relaxed drinks and chat in a casual environment kicking off at 4pm. […]

Helios Energy ruled an ILLEGAL Share Offering by the Thai SEC

Following hot on the heels of the Thai SEC announcement yesterday that SolarStake was an ILLEGAL ICO, Helios Energy has been ruled an ILLEGAL share offering today. Added to the Helios Energy SolarStake entry is the “Unapproved public offering of newly issued shares” for the traditional shares that Helios Energy are offering to existing SolarStake […]

SolarStake (SLRS) ruled an ILLEGAL ICO by the Thai SEC

SolarStake (SLRS) has been ruled an ILLEGAL ICO by the Thai SEC. The ongoing investigation by the Thai SEC has ruled another one of Jeremy Tan’s ICOs ILLEGAL and their investigations continue. Those investors who have opted to take the ILLEGAL shares from the unregistered, unlawful and ILLEGAL operation Helios Energy might want to reconsider. […]

The Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) WARN about Veritas Mining

The Thailand SEC and Authorities are moving on Jeremy Tan’s scam operations and have issued a warning to investors after complaints were made by ICO Investigation. Since the publication of this article Jeremy Tan has claimed that the Thai SEC were given the incorrect information, this is not true at all and is yet another […]

CryptoPig and James Stothard Ignore Evidence in Veritas Mining SCAM

CryptoPig and James Stothard who is an advisor for Veritas Mining as well as an “Analyst” for CryptoPig have been supplied evidence about issues surrounding Veritas Mining since early January 2020 and been involved in two large discussions where promises were made by James Stothard to look into this and talk to Jeremy Tan. Despite […]

James Stothard, CryptoPig and the Veritas Mining Coverup | Part II

Continues from James Stothard, CryptoPig and the Veritas Mining Coverup | Part I To get the full story read Part I and also the What Happened in the CryptoPig Telegram Group with Veritas Mining? article to give you an appreciation of what has taken place so far. This is still a draft, much more to […]

James Stothard, CryptoPig and the Veritas Mining Coverup | Part I

CryptoPig make all types of claims about who they are and what they stand for but it’s all an illusion as I will demonstrate with examples of how they are willing to resort to bad language, disrespectful comments and will do anything to protect the illusion that CryptoPig can be trusted despite their total lack […]

What Happened in the CryptoPig Telegram Group with Veritas Mining?

Background Who or what are CryptoPig? Welcome to CryptoPig. Please read the following information to find out more about us and get acquainted with your new favorite channel. CryptoPig is NOT sponsored. We are a group of over a dozen analysts, reviewers, traders and most importantly crypto loving friends who joined together because we found […]

What Happened at Veritas Mining including Helios Energy and SolarStake?

This summary document covers the Veritas Mining ICO’s in Stage I and the spinoff Helios Energy and SolarStake ICO in Stage II. Jeremy Tan has launched a campaign against myself and others in an attempt to keep investors from the truth however the statements made in the articles are all based on facts not a […]