Who are the team behind Dorado and Foodout Group?

Dorado Management Xiaochen Zhang | President of Blockchain Frontier Group LinkedIn Pedram Assadi | Head of Operations at Uber Eats (Middle East) Profile | LinkedIn Tomas Martunas | Chairman of Foodout Group and Managing Partner of Goldfish Fund Profile | LinkedIn Vladimir Kholyaznikov | Co-Founder and CEO of KupiVIP LinkedIn Ignas Mangevicius | Blockchain expert […]

Why are so many Lithuanian ICOs failing with over $250 MILLION lost on a few ICOs?

These ICOs generally operate in the same way, they are provided funding and support by the Blockchain Open Fund and/or Goldfish Fund. There is a growing group of failing or failed Lithuanian ICOs that all have one thing in common, the Blockchain Open Fund which is owned by Goldfish Fund. The management of both are […]