Helios Energy Media | Helios Energy to build 110-MW solar park Uzbekistan

30th of October 2019 | The Solar Move | Frank N Dani October 30 (Renewables Now) – Thai solar company Helios Energy Co has signed an agreement with the Ministry for Innovative Development of Uzbekistan to build a 110-MW solar plant in the region of Sirdarya. Helios Energy has agreed to oversee the engineering, procurement […]

Helios Energy Media | Thai firm to build 40MW solar plant in Uzbekistan

25th of October 2019 | SolarQuarter | Megha Kottapalli The government of Uzbekistan and Thailand’s Helios Energy Co. have signed an agreement for the construction of a utility-scale solar photovoltaic plant in Namangan, Uzbekistan, Global Construction Review reports. The agreement with Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Innovative Development sees Helios Energy Co. procuring, building and overseeing the […]

Helios Energy ruled an ILLEGAL Share Offering by the Thai SEC

Following hot on the heels of the Thai SEC announcement yesterday that SolarStake was an ILLEGAL ICO, Helios Energy has been ruled an ILLEGAL share offering today. Added to the Helios Energy SolarStake entry is the “Unapproved public offering of newly issued shares” for the traditional shares that Helios Energy are offering to existing SolarStake […]

SolarStake (SLRS) ruled an ILLEGAL ICO by the Thai SEC

SolarStake (SLRS) has been ruled an ILLEGAL ICO by the Thai SEC. The ongoing investigation by the Thai SEC has ruled another one of Jeremy Tan’s ICOs ILLEGAL and their investigations continue. Those investors who have opted to take the ILLEGAL shares from the unregistered, unlawful and ILLEGAL operation Helios Energy might want to reconsider. […]

Veritas Mining FPGA Immersion Cooling Hoax

Does Veritas Mining use 3M Novec to cool it’s FPGAs down? No, the FPGA’s don’t exist so there is no need to cool them. Jeremy Tan has never provided any proof that this fluid is used, never posted a photo of the containers despite being asked and the prices that he claims are markedly different […]

James Stothard, CryptoPig and the Veritas Mining Coverup | Part I

CryptoPig make all types of claims about who they are and what they stand for but it’s all an illusion as I will demonstrate with examples of how they are willing to resort to bad language, disrespectful comments and will do anything to protect the illusion that CryptoPig can be trusted despite their total lack […]

What Happened in the CryptoPig Telegram Group with Veritas Mining?

Background Who or what are CryptoPig? Welcome to CryptoPig. Please read the following information to find out more about us and get acquainted with your new favorite channel. CryptoPig is NOT sponsored. We are a group of over a dozen analysts, reviewers, traders and most importantly crypto loving friends who joined together because we found […]

The Veritas Mining Facility Location Revealed

The Claims Ownership and Cost Jeremy Tan has claimed since the outset that they built the warehouses for dangerous goods storage, however the design of the buildings are not ideal for the housing of dangerous goods as Jeremy claimed and further the whole site was built with buildings at the same time. He further goes […]

Who has seen the Helios Solar Installation in Thailand?

Not one representative of SolarStake has ever confirmed seeing Helios Energy’s 796kW Solar Farm, despite Gary Brooks, Andrew Fornes and Furat Al-Murani having collectively spent non-overlapping periods in Thailand. There is one exception, Ugo Nwagwu, who alleges that he may have been taken to the claimed second site – but in the dark. Serious questions […]

Veritas Mining Illegal Dumping of Tokens

There are a multitude of issues with the dumping of tokens. There are tokens which have been sold on Fork Delta after being issued by the ICO, generally without payment. Some tranches of these ‘suspect tokens’ have often also received dividends at the same time, and in the same fashion as other paying investors did. […]