Questions Raised About TOKIA

Fake Staff | 2017-12 Allegations of scamming by TOKIA were raised early on in the ICO with one of the admins photos being a stock photo from the internet. No explanation was given for this and two admins changed their photos after this was raised. No Developers | 2018-01 Lack of activity in the TOKIA […]

Sudden Departure of TOKIA CEO Anna Lunhu and Replacement with Nathan Tafer

Many questions were raised regarding TOKIA in the early stages of the ICO and the TOKIA CEO Anna Lunhu was removed and replaced by Co-Founder Nathan Tafer with nothing being said to investors. On the 23rd of February the removal of Anna Petrowna Lunhu as Director occurred and the appointment of Nathan Tafer as the […]

TOKIA CEO Anna Lunhu Responds to SCAM Allegation

Tokia ICO: BEWARE POTENTIAL SCAM, Anna Lunhu the CEO responds. This was a response to questions regarding where the company was registered after a potential investor was banned from the TOKIA Telegram group for asking questions. This was posted on the 2nd of January 2018 by a user called TOKIA in the BitcoinForum. Hello everyone, […]

Tokia takes SIX months developing Faux Exchange

Tokia only really had one achievement since the end of the ICO and that was their exchange that took six months to develop. The exchange they developed however was just an interface to the exchange HitBTC and used their API.

IUNGO Links to AirPod, Birdchain, Bitcoinus, Blockchain Open Fund, Dorado, Goldfish Fund, Mysterium, NOIA, TokenDesk and TOKIA

AirPod Travellers in transit: always connected with IUNGO network Wi-Fi while relaxing in AirPodFurthering its mission to become a Global Wi-Fi provider, IUNGO network is pleased to announce its new partnership with AirPod, a service provider of private capsules for rest and work when on the go.The AirPod is a private capsule-like unit designed for […]

Why are so many Lithuanian ICOs failing with over $250 MILLION lost on a few ICOs?

These ICOs generally operate in the same way, they are provided funding and support by the Blockchain Open Fund and/or Goldfish Fund. There is a growing group of failing or failed Lithuanian ICOs that all have one thing in common, the Blockchain Open Fund which is owned by Goldfish Fund. The management of both are […]

Was Tokia a sham from the start? The evidence is there to support this theory.

More information to come soon. Terms and Conditions Direct Plagiarism There are two terms and conditions on the Tokia website, the original one is accessible once you log into the and the other is a newer updated one accessible from every page on the Tokia website. Both are a direct copy of the Bitpanda […]

Who is Anna Lunhu | CEO and Co-Founder of TOKIA?

Contact Details Anna Petrowna LunhuDate of Birth | August 1981 (xx/08/1981) Email | [email protected] Belgian national who resides in Monaco. LinkedIn | Facebook Address used for TOKIA LTD registration Parc Palace Aptt 438, 6 Impasse De La Fontaine, Monaco, Monaco, 98000 Connections Discrepencies Anna Lunhu Responds to SCAM Allegation CEO from 4th of December 2017 […]