Andrius Mironovskis | We have a Product so Golder Games cannot be a SCAM!

We have product, so it cant be the scam 🙂 20th of March 2019 | Andrius Mironovskis I contacted Golder Games CEO and owner Andrius Mironovskis using a pseudo name on the 19th of March 2019 to see what was happening with War Field development and was told that a huge update was coming and […]

Golder Games did no Blockchain development to automate Token withdrawal from War Field

Many questions were raised about why there often delays of over a month to withdraw tokens from the War Field game and the excuse given was that was to protect against cheaters but part of the development to War Field was to build in a system to detect cheaters so was the real reason because […]

Golder Games War Field ICO Project Financial Report

How much did Golder Games spend to get the game War Field to the point where they abandoned this? Some costs are unknown like the shared office space and the money paid to senior members of the team but for the remainder the costs are reasonably easy to work out. The total costs for the […]

The Golder Games War Field Timeline

March 2018 April 2018 May 2018 May 3 2018 | $14,888 domain name domain name purchased for $14,888 and transferred with no renewal. May 14 2018 | 100 GLDR = $1 Medium Article | “Want a Piece of the Action? Earn Real Crypto Playing WAR FIELD” | Andrius Mironovskis, CEO GLDR will be listed […]

Golder Games War Field Game Agreement

The following are the terms and conditions that you have to agree to in order to sign up to play Golder Games War Field as of May 2019. WAR FIELD Fair Play PolicySimple RulesPlay fair. Don’t cheat! Be cool. No bullying, hate speech, or terror on our servers. Cheaters will be banned and their tokens […]

Golder Games War Field Game Releases

War Field Game Releases The game release notes are not complete as they were not always posted by Golder Games admins. These are from multiple sources from the Telegram Group to the old War Field and the Golder Games website. 28th of June 2018 | v.075 ALPHA better error reporting corrected user interface bugs related […]

What is the extent of the Golder Games relationship with Sony, Microsoft, Google and Apple?

To put it simply there is no relationship with Microsoft, Sony, Apple or Google. They planned to exit as they did before the dates of their product launch (smartphone launch was the 15th of February 2019) and indeed on the 31st of January 2019 they walked away with the occasional post to make it look […]

Golder Games paid $14,888 for the Domain Name but only registered for one year

The domain name was initially registered in 1997 and was available for sale for $14,888 when Golder Games acquired it on the 3rd of May 2018. The first email communication sent out regarding Golder Games War Field was the 25th of June 2018. At this stage there was no mention of Golder Games but […]

Golder Games War Field Game Development

War Field Engine Golder Games War Field uses the Unity game engine developed by Unity Technologies. Whilst Unity is a cross platform engine the promised Android, iOS, PlayStation and Xbox platforms were never going to be delivered due to cryptocurrency and gambling restrictions. There are a number of licensing options, however Golder Games should have […]

Golder Games ICO Information

Golder Games Token Information Total number of Golder Games (GLDR) Tokens | 2,571,428,571 Smart Contract ICO Result Amount raised during ICO is USD $12,000,000. Token Pre-Sale Raised $2,850,000 Commenced late on the 28th of June 2018 PRE-TSE1 | 150,000,000 x .004 | $600,000 Sold out PRE-TSE2 | 150,000,000 x .0045 | $675,000 Sold out PRE-TSE3 […]