Who is Kin Wong | FinTech Guru at Nauticus, Vice President of Nomura Securities, Senior Manager of Macquarie AI trading and Senior Software Engineer of AE Capital?

Contact Details LinkedIn | ICOSBULL | ICORating Connections Personal friend of Jonathan Chang and Bryan Ng according to interview with Jonathan. Discrepancies Became full time employee of Nauticus around September of 2018 but no mention of this on his resume. A gap from August 2018 to January 2019 exists. Big Time Fintech Guru Joins NauticusKin […]

Welltrado removing documents and media from the Internet

Website Phillip McFall Why I Joined Welltrados Advisory Team Original URL | https://welltrado.io/phillip-mcfall-why-i-joined-welltrados-advisory-team Successful Exclusive Presale All Tokens Sold Out Original URL | https://welltrado.io/successful-exclusive-presale-all-tokens-sold-out Why a Leading Ventuure Capital Fund Goldfish Invested in Welltra Original URL | https://welltrado.io/why-a-leading-venture-capital-fund-goldfish-invested-in-welltrado

Who is Oliver Isaacs | Social Media Ambassador at Nauticus and Blockchain Investor, Influencer and Advisor?

Contact Details LinkedIn | Website | Twitter | ICObench | Facebook Connections See discrenpencies Discrepancies I have been contacted by Oliver Isaacs who has denied involvement with Nauticus Exchange beyond discussions with Nauticus to become a social media ambasador which he declined for reasons he disclosed to me. Oliver said that he only met Jonathan […]

Nauticus Staffing Estimates

False Claims during ICO fund raising of Staff Numbers Claims of 80-100 and more staff were made during the ICO fund raising period and even in 2019 a claim was made of 100 staff. Full details in the Nauticus Lies and Misleading Information article. None of these figures remotely resemble the truth which is closer […]

Nauticus Sayings to Remember with Jonathan Chang and Bryan Ng

We are at the dawn of a new age in global markets Co-Founder and COO Jonathan Chang | Instagram It’s truly humbling and we won’t let you down. We’re determined to create the best crypto exchange in the world. Co-Founder and CEO Bryan Ng | Could an Aussie Crypto Exchange be the next Binance? I […]

Nauticus Ask Me Anything | 2019-09-23

This is the full AMA, as no questions were answered it was too hard to attempt to piece together the questions and answers so the full AMA is presented here. Jonathan Chang refused to answer any questions, he made claims that deposits were being returned as quickly as possible when the evidence suggests that this […]

Nauticus Ask Me Anything | 2019-09-23 | TEXT

Jonathan Chang | Nauticus COO, [23.09.19 17:58] Hi Nauticus!! How are we all 😊 Ante, [23.09.19 17:58] Hello Matthew, [23.09.19 17:59] [In reply to Jonathan Chang | Nauticus COO] Hello Jonathan, 1) Why doesn’t the exchange work? 2) Why haven’t the withdrawals been actioned? 3) When can NTS be withdrawn? 4) Where did Jonathan Chang […]

An interview with Bryan Ng from Nauticus, ICO series

Pinaz Kazi | Blockchain Focus2nd of May 2018 Nauticus aims to solve the issues in the Banking and e-commerce sectors using Blockchain Technology. With the Nauticus coin, they aim to deliver user-friendly, efficient and secure crypto banking, payments and eCommerce solutions. Currently trading in cryptocurrencies is not an easy task for everyday people, what with the […]

Cryptocurrency exchange Nauticus raises $16.8 million through ongoing ICO for multi-tiered ambitious project

Dominic Powell @ SmartCompany3rd of May 2018 An Aussie startup has raised more than $16 million dollars to build one of the world’s most multi-functional cryptocurrency exchanges and payment platforms entirely out of Melbourne. Nauticus is a blockchain and cryptocurrency startup founded just 12 months ago by long time friends Bryan Ng and Jonathan Chang, […]

Interview with the Nauticus team

Crypto Unveil | 29th of April 2018 Today, I have interviewed the Nauticus team on their ICO and future projects. Nauticus is developing a user-friendly, efficient and secure crypto banking, payments and eCommerce solution. 1) What problem are you solving, why do you need the blockchain technology and what are the main pillars that define your company […]