Veritas Mining Roadmap

Veritas Mining Roadmap for Veritium (VRTM) 2018 Q1 2018 Establish first Crypto-Mine @ Suphanburi. Q2-3 2018 Launch Ponos-Mining Platform. ​ First dividend payouts. ​ Allow VRTM to be traded on exchanges. Q3-4 2018 Launch Wallet platform, Vidulum. ​ Expand total mining capacity by 25%. 2019 Q2-3 2019 Expand total mining capacity by 50% from inception. […]

Bryan Ng | CEO claims he is not involved with Nauticus Exchange!

Bryan Ng claims on his LinkedIn profile that he is no longer CEO and Co-Founder of Nauticus Exchange where he and the COO disappeared with $19.4 Million USD of investors money however the company registration shows this to be incorrect. No changes have been made since 2018 and the company information shows that Bryan Ng […]

Bryan Ng moves into Covid19 Supplies after $19.4 Million USD Disappearance

The former CEO and Co-Founder of Nauticus Exchange has now started up a Covid19 Supply company ostensibly to help fellow “Australians”. This is the first appearance of Bryan Ng who disappeared with $19.4 million USD of investors money along with COO and Co-Founder Jonathan Chang in late 2019. The same Bryan Ng that CPA Australia […]

Helios Energy ruled an ILLEGAL Share Offering by the Thai SEC

Following hot on the heels of the Thai SEC announcement yesterday that SolarStake was an ILLEGAL ICO, Helios Energy has been ruled an ILLEGAL share offering today. Added to the Helios Energy SolarStake entry is the “Unapproved public offering of newly issued shares” for the traditional shares that Helios Energy are offering to existing SolarStake […]

Who is Nigel Tan | Chief Operations Officer for Helios Energy?

Contact Details Also Known As | TAN BOON HOWE, NIGEL (CHEN WENHAO) Singapore ID # S9033791B Address | 137 Pasir Ris Grove #08-40, D’Nest Singapore 518133Address | 322 Tampines Street 33, #07-146, Singapore 520322 LinkedIn (does not exist on LinkedIn) Connections Brother to Jeremy Tan Discrenpencies Helios Energy does no exist in Thailand, it has […]

Veritas Mining March 2020 Xenium Dividend Analysis

Xenium (XENM) Summarising the Xenium Dividends for March 2020 is quite difficult as the data provided is all fabricated to such an extent that even some of the remaining investors would have to question them. The Xenium (XENM) dividends have been announced for the period of the 15th of February to the 20th of March […]

SolarStake (SLRS) ruled an ILLEGAL ICO by the Thai SEC

SolarStake (SLRS) has been ruled an ILLEGAL ICO by the Thai SEC. The ongoing investigation by the Thai SEC has ruled another one of Jeremy Tan’s ICOs ILLEGAL and their investigations continue. Those investors who have opted to take the ILLEGAL shares from the unregistered, unlawful and ILLEGAL operation Helios Energy might want to reconsider. […]

The Helios Energy Share Scam replaces the SolarStake Scam

After being forced to shut down sham ICO SolarStake by ICO Investigations work in exposing them, the team behind them are eager to have the investors transfer across to shares in the unregistered Helios Energy Co of Thailand. Convincing investors to take the option of moving over to Helios Energy has included showing fake and […]

Is Baudolino really Jeremy Tan?

Yes. This is another of Jeremy Tan’s faux accounts used to control conversations in the Veritas Telegram Group. This won’t go into the detail the other accounts have but will show why this was one of Jeremy’s accounts. This is a selection of the 95 posts that Baudolino posted in the Veritas Group and none […]