Provoco APP Development

In the first stage of its existence, will be an application for mobile devices. We have chosen to develop this first, because it is much easier to record a challenge accomplishment using mobile device features such as videos, photo cameras and GPS. Therefore, the team of more than 10 people is working intensively on […]

Provoco Token Supply increases to over 5 BILLION!

Provoco have taken the extraordinary steps of increasing supplies continually over a 4 week period from 148,179,140 VOC to 5,443,710,075 and their justification for this is to list on another exchange. The APP is still not ready to beta test and the ICO raised over $8 million so the question has to be asked why […]

Bitcoinus Token Supply increased to 1.5 BILLION without notice!

As if the addition of 100 MILLION Tokens was not enough to dilute the value of the Bitcoinus Tokens now the leadership of Bitcoinus have increased total supply to 1.5 BILLION! The reason they give for this is beyond absurd! The newsletter sent out explains nothing about why the total supply was increased by so […]

Who is Deividas Snapkauskas | Gambling Advisor to Marginless and head of the Lithuanian Gambling Association?

Contact Details LinkedIn (Not Found) Connections Marginless Discrepancies Multiple Convictions including Kidnapping Resume None Found. Gambling Association Registration code | 304612567Manager | Deividas SnapkauskasAddress | Pylimėlių g. 44A-27, LT-10251 VilniusMobile phone | +370 645 29229Website | http://www.losejai.ltEmployees | 1 person (insured)SS insurer code | 3066332Turnover | 2017: 0 – 5 000 EURRegistered | 23rd of […]

Questions Raised About TOKIA

Fake Staff | 2017-12 Allegations of scamming by TOKIA were raised early on in the ICO with one of the admins photos being a stock photo from the internet. No explanation was given for this and two admins changed their photos after this was raised. No Developers | 2018-01 Lack of activity in the TOKIA […]

Sudden Departure of TOKIA CEO Anna Lunhu and Replacement with Nathan Tafer

Many questions were raised regarding TOKIA in the early stages of the ICO and the TOKIA CEO Anna Lunhu was removed and replaced by Co-Founder Nathan Tafer with nothing being said to investors. On the 23rd of February the removal of Anna Petrowna Lunhu as Director occurred and the appointment of Nathan Tafer as the […]

Marginless | 2018-03-21 | Interview: Betting Association Founder Gives His Take on the Worldwide Betting Phenomenon and It’s Problems

Marginless | March 21 2018 As we all know, betting, for a long time, had and still has issues in different areas of the spectrum — from insanely high fees that gambling organizations put on their bettors, to an abnormal inequality between winning and losing players. Today we had an opportunity to speak with Lithuanian […]

Marginless Advisor Deividas Snapkauskas is a convicted Kidnapper

Deividas Snapkauskas has been convicted at least four times for crimes ranging from Robbery to Kidnapping. This was raised with Marginless in March 2018 with a link to Lukas Jonaitis claimed that an investigation was underway and more details would be provided when this was over. No further details were ever provided however they […]