What are the Lithuanian Financial Crime Investigation Service also known as the FNTT?

The mission of the Financial Crime Investigation Service is to protect the state financial system by disclosing criminal actions and other violations of law. The goal of the Financial Crime Investigation Service is to elaborate methods of combating criminal activities against the State financial system. Pursuing this goal FCIS takes an active part in the […]

Welltrado removing documents and media from the Internet

Website Phillip McFall Why I Joined Welltrados Advisory Team Original URL | https://welltrado.io/phillip-mcfall-why-i-joined-welltrados-advisory-team Successful Exclusive Presale All Tokens Sold Out Original URL | https://welltrado.io/successful-exclusive-presale-all-tokens-sold-out Why a Leading Ventuure Capital Fund Goldfish Invested in Welltra Original URL | https://welltrado.io/why-a-leading-venture-capital-fund-goldfish-invested-in-welltrado

TokenDesk Links to Bitcoinus, CoinStruction, Dorado, Finpass, IUNGO, Marginless, Miner One, Photochain, Provoco, TOKIA and Welltrado

Bitcoinus CoinStruction Dorado Finpass TokenDesk signs another partnership agreement!Apr 10, 2018 We are happy to announce that we sign an agreement with Finpass !Finpass and TokenDesk agreement with functionallity just introduced allows users to pass KYC procedure straight thought our Wallet solution. This enables us to put more trust into environment we are currently working. […]

Welltrado Limited to be Deregistered

Welltrado Limited is about to be struck off the UK business register for failing to file it’s confirmation statement. This is like other Lithuanian ICOs which also have registered a sham UK company and are facing deregistration as a result.

Welltrado Company Information

Welltrado is yet another Lithuania ICO that operates out of Lithuania with Lithuanian staff but is registered in the UK. Company Number 11294181 registered on the 4th of April 2018 with registered office address of 1 Primrose Street, London EC2A 2EX which is home to numerous serviced offices and mail forwarding services with over 224 […]

The Goldfish Fund Website

Main Page Goldfish Fund builds and invests in the next wave of great companies. Want to work with us?Whether you are an established business, a group of founders, or an international business wanting to expand into Frontier Markets, we would like to hear from you and explore how we can partner-up.Get In Touch About OUR […]

Welltrado Delaying Fund Management Licence

In the Welltrado Roadmap a key part of the ICO was the application for a Fund Management Licence (also known as the Asset Management Licence) in May 2018 and to receive this licence in October 2018. On the 7th of April 2018 Aiste from Welltrado posted their top 5 next steps after the ICO and […]

Blockchain Open Fund Company Information

Little is known about how this company is setup, no Lithuanian company has been found nor where it’s registered. What is know is who the people are who are behind it. Where the funding comes from and returns to is not known. LinkedIn |

Welltrado Links to Blockchain Open Fund, Blockchain Solutions, Dorado, Goldfish Fund, TokenDesk and TOKIA

Blockchain Open Fund Tomas Martunas an advisor to Welltrado is the Managing Partner of the Goldfish Fund and Blockchain Open Fund. The same problems with using TokenDesk due to it’s poorly written interface and the rush to deploy these ICOs is that often text, links or favicons are not updated and in the following example […]

Paid ICObench Ratings for Welltrado

Tomas Martunas advisor to Welltrado is the Managing Partner of the Goldfish Fund who is also a partner in the Blockchain Open Fund and has an interest in TokenDesk, IUNGO and Blockchain Solutions. Ricardas Bernotavicius is the CEO of IUNGO which has links to many other TokenDesk ICOs including TokenDesk which has an interest in […]