Miner One Links to Bitcoinus, Blockchain Open Fund, Blockchain Solutions, carVertical, Dorado, Golder Games, Goldfish Fund, TokenDesk and TOKIA

Miner One had links with many of the TokenDesk ICOs and was used to cross promote using methods such as reusing mailing list data which was a common tactic for the marketers working with TokenDesk along with manufacturing false partnerships. Bitcoinus For some reason Miner One only announced the partnership with related ICO Bitcoinus in […]

TokenDesk Links to Bitcoinus, CoinStruction, Dorado, Finpass, IUNGO, Marginless, Miner One, Photochain, Provoco, TOKIA and Welltrado

Bitcoinus CoinStruction Dorado Finpass TokenDesk signs another partnership agreement!Apr 10, 2018 We are happy to announce that we sign an agreement with Finpass !Finpass and TokenDesk agreement with functionallity just introduced allows users to pass KYC procedure straight thought our Wallet solution. This enables us to put more trust into environment we are currently working. […]

TokenDesk ICO Information

$15,382,442 raised Token Price at ICO | USD $2.9266Token Price April 2019 | USD $0.00 ICO Start | 4th of October 2017ICO End | 24th of December 2017 Token infoToken TDSPlatform EthereumType ERC20 TDS tokens sold: 10,277,068 (Hardcap 20,000,000)BTC: 316 | $14,156,44 | $4,473,435.04ETH: 12397 | $756.73 | $9,381,181,81LTC: 9359 | $232.10 | $2,172,223.90XRP: 416942 […]

Photochain Links to TOKIA and TokenDesk

TOKIA Photochain & Tokia partnership We are delighted to announce that the Photochain, the leading blockchain enabled stock photography marketplace and Tokia, a cutting-edge crypto payment processor and cryptocurrency exchange have signed a commercial partnership. Photochain is a true blockchain based business model that, for the first time, enables any contributor to have full control […]

How are Finpass, Ondato and Fintegry related?

Finpass is owned by Ondato who later renamed Finpass to Ondato. Finpass came into existence on the 12th of September 2017 when the company was renamed and other details changed. Fintegry which is the company behind the development of the Finpass product also came into existence on the 5th of September 2017 when an existing […]

Ondato Finpass Links to Blockchain Open Fund, Dorado, Golder Games, Marginless, Miner One, ORCA, Provoco, TokenDesk, TOKIA and WePower

Blockchain Open Fund The Co-Founder and CEO of Finpass is the Managing Partner of the Blockchain Open Fund Liudas Kanapienis. Dorado Golder Games KYC contract has been cancelled and all information returned to Golder Games Marginless As we have told you before, Marginless has great plans for the future, but those plans could not be […]

Who is Emile Valiukaite | Executive Assistant at Blockchain Open Fund and Project Manager at TokenDesk?

Contact Details LinkedIn Connections Discrepancies Resume Project ManagerTokendesk2018 – PresentTokenDesk is a direct token marketplace for cryptocurrency crowdfunding, giving investors technical solution to purchase Initial Coin Offerings Tokens in a faster, safer and more reliable way. Tokendesk integrated wallet solution will become the main tool not only for cryptocurrency investors, but also for those who […]

Blockchain Solutions Signs Training Agreement with Vilnius College (Vilniaus kolegija)

Only by working closely with companies and organizations can we ensure that we prepare the right professionals to find their way into the business world. Step towards this – the first cooperation agreement with UAB Blockchain Solutions was signed this year. Waiting for many common activities! #Vilnius College On the 5th of September 2018 the […]

Who is Zavier Murtza (Xavier) | Co-Founder and CEO of Bitcoinus, Managing Director of V-CM International Credit Management Limited and and Advisor to Agro Stock Exchange (ASET) and Tevel ICO?

Contact Information Zavier Generate Murtza as he is legally known or Xavier Murtza as he seems to use in many places appears to have a debt collector and baliff work history, his role as CEO and Co-Founder of Bitcoinus appears to have been purely to conceal the alleged scamming by the other two Co-Founders and […]

Advisor Dylan Sharkie departs after discovering past of Bitcoinus Co-founder Tomas Mickauskas

Dylan Sharkie an advisor to many Lithuanian ICOs including Bitcoinus was confronted regarding his involvement with scammers on the Bitcoinus project and claimed he knew nothing of the Tomas Mickauskas TokenDesk Spice Scam. It’s interesting that Dylan knew about the million pound charity scam that Tomas Mickauskas was involved with but only when he found […]