Tokia Exchange has gone, Azure Bill not Paid and Microsoft shut them down!

The Tokia Exchange is no longer working, originally recommended for Miner One holders to hold their tokens here and now Miner One recommended moving them out of Tokia which led to the disappearance of the MIO. Now days later the Tokia Exchange no longer works due to what appears to be a billing issue and […]

Miner One Newsletter 2019/02/18 – CRYPTO SPRING IS COMING!

Monday 18th of February at 18:53 GMT. Images not included in this text only version, download the PDF versions. This had a chart of BTCUSD/GOLD and a LAToken image attached. CRYPTO SPRING IS COMING! We are happy to observe the recovery of the bitcoin price which can be a good sign that this “crypto winter” is coming to an end. Many indicators show that bitcoin has […]

Who are the Team behind Golder Games (GLDR)?

Andrius Mironovskis Founder and Team LeaderAndrius has 10+ years of experience in project management, UI/UX design, and software development. A serial entrepreneur and startuper, he is also founder and CEO of CFlow – a cloud-based accounting application.LinkedIn F6S Donatas Kanapickas Chief DeveloperDonatas has 7+ years of experience in web, software, and game development. He has […]

Golder Games Removing Documents and Media from the Internet

White Paper The White Paper for example is no longer available on the website, it has been replaced by a text version that is missing a lot of information and in particular all the information about the people involved has been removed. This was the link to the White Paper – Roadmap The Roadmap […]

Miner One Company Information

Miner One is owned by Miner One FZE which is owned by Pranas Slusnys (Slušnys). The company has formally been known as Sirio HRO and Business Consultancy FZE. Pranas Slusnys also has a Lithuanian company registered called Sirio RDS, UAB. Miner One FZE Miner One FZE is based in Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. […]

Golder Games Company Information

Golder Games is owned by The Blockchain International FZE. This corporation is based in the Free Economic Zone of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ) Who owns this corporation is unknown at this stage.

All Miner One (MIO) Investors need to protect their investment with the following steps!

If you have a Miner One recommended TOKIA wallet – you need to capture information about your account. In your Miner One account there may be information mainly if you paid via BTC or Fund Transfer in EUROS but check as well if you paid via Ethereum (ETH). Take screenshots or print to PDF your […]

Miner One (MIO) Investors – Move your MIO Tokens from TOKIA Immediately!

Update again!Attempt to move them again ASAP but make sure you take screenshots of as much information as you can to prove ownership in the event that something occurs. 27th of February 2019 – try to move the tokens again, if it fails try again a few times and when it goes to pending check your wallet and they should appear after a short time. It may fail a few times but keep trying at least three times. If it keeps failing […]