What are the Lithuanian Financial Crime Investigation Service also known as the FNTT?

The mission of the Financial Crime Investigation Service is to protect the state financial system by disclosing criminal actions and other violations of law. The goal of the Financial Crime Investigation Service is to elaborate methods of combating criminal activities against the State financial system. Pursuing this goal FCIS takes an active part in the […]

Marginless speads FUD about competitors whilst running their own scam ICO

Marginless were quick to denounce other ICOs as scams whilst they were running their elaborate slow exit. Something to consider, it’s all very well considering a project that claims to have the lowest fees but if they are a scam the result is a total loss of your investment. Crypto Backstage. Who are the outsiders? […]

Who is Deividas Snapkauskas | Gambling Advisor to Marginless and head of the Lithuanian Gambling Association?

Contact Details LinkedIn (Not Found) Connections Marginless Discrepancies Multiple Convictions including Kidnapping Resume None Found. Gambling Association Registration code | 304612567Manager | Deividas SnapkauskasAddress | Pylimėlių g. 44A-27, LT-10251 VilniusMobile phone | +370 645 29229Website | http://www.losejai.ltEmployees | 1 person (insured)SS insurer code | 3066332Turnover | 2017: 0 – 5 000 EURRegistered | 23rd of […]

Marginless | 2018-03-21 | Interview: Betting Association Founder Gives His Take on the Worldwide Betting Phenomenon and It’s Problems

Marginless | March 21 2018 As we all know, betting, for a long time, had and still has issues in different areas of the spectrum — from insanely high fees that gambling organizations put on their bettors, to an abnormal inequality between winning and losing players. Today we had an opportunity to speak with Lithuanian […]

Marginless Advisor Deividas Snapkauskas is a convicted Kidnapper

Deividas Snapkauskas has been convicted at least four times for crimes ranging from Robbery to Kidnapping. This was raised with Marginless in March 2018 with a link to Uzdarbis.lt. Lukas Jonaitis claimed that an investigation was underway and more details would be provided when this was over. No further details were ever provided however they […]

Marginless Links to Finpass and TokenDesk

Finpass As we have told you before, Marginless has great plans for the future, but those plans could not be reached without the support from the best available partners. This week we have announced two new partnerships with two big companies — TokenDesk and Finpass. Finpass is a fintech start-up that has a purpose to […]

TokenDesk Links to Bitcoinus, CoinStruction, Dorado, Finpass, IUNGO, Marginless, Miner One, Photochain, Provoco, TOKIA and Welltrado

Bitcoinus CoinStruction Dorado Finpass TokenDesk signs another partnership agreement!Apr 10, 2018 We are happy to announce that we sign an agreement with Finpass !Finpass and TokenDesk agreement with functionallity just introduced allows users to pass KYC procedure straight thought our Wallet solution. This enables us to put more trust into environment we are currently working. […]

Ondato Finpass Links to Blockchain Open Fund, Dorado, Golder Games, Marginless, Miner One, ORCA, Provoco, TokenDesk, TOKIA and WePower

Blockchain Open Fund The Co-Founder and CEO of Finpass is the Managing Partner of the Blockchain Open Fund Liudas Kanapienis. Dorado Golder Games KYC contract has been cancelled and all information returned to Golder Games Marginless As we have told you before, Marginless has great plans for the future, but those plans could not be […]

Who is Mykolas Karpicius | Marketing and Communications Manager at Marginless and Chief Operations Officer at Provoco?

Contact Details LinkedIn Resume COO/ CMO at the biggest lead generation company in Western Europe. 3 years of experience working in C-level positions. 3 startups that I have worked on as COO and Head of Marketing and Communications have raised over 36 million euros. Member of Lithuanian Business Angel Network. Experience in initiating and scaling […]