Who is Jevgenijs Kirjacev | Sales Manager, Brand Ambassador and Community Manager with Bitcoinus and Community Management with IUNGO and Electroneum?

Contact Details Also Known AsAdam Kirjacev Adam Bankovsky LinkedIn Connections IUNGO and Bitcoinus Discrepencies No record of Worthy Deals LTD can be found on the UK Business Register. Searches have found nothing like Worthy Deals LTD and searches of Jevgenijs Kirjacev and his other names has found no record of him ever having run a […]

IUNGO Censorship of Telegram Group

IUNGO were heavy on the censorship early on but this intensified in the last half of 2018 and resulted in many investors being banned and/or having their post(s) removed. In July 2019 over 500 accounts were removed from the group including those of long term supporters and my account. Muting and Banning

IUNGO Product Development

IUNGO product development has been lacklustre at best and has delivered nothing substantial. There have been many attempts by IUNGO staff to cleanup their involvement in the IUNGO Telegram Group through the deletion of all or many messages posted. This will be demonstrated in this article as the development of IUNGO is looked at in […]

IUNGO ICO Information

CoinMarketCap | Token | INGType | UtilityPrice in ICO | 1 ING = 0.001 ETHCountry | LithuaniaWhitelist/KYC | NonepreICO start | 29th Oct 2017preICO end |19th Nov 2017ICO start | 7th Dec 2017ICO end | 31st Jan 2018 Pre-sale 07/12/2017 to 21/12/2017 50%ICO Tier 1 22/12/2017 to 12/01/2018 35%ICO Tier 2 13/01/2018 to 21/01/2018 15%ICO […]

IUNGO Smart Contract Information

Smart Contract Specification The IUNGO crowdsale and the corresponding token creation process will be organized around smart contracts running on Ethereum (ERC20) The IUNGO crowdsale and the corresponding token creation process will be organized around smart contracts running on Ethereum. Participants willing to support the development of the IUNGO Project can do so by sending […]

IUNGO are in the process of their EXIT with $23 Million in Investor Funds

IUNGO has been a dead ICO for quite a while, like other similar Lithuanian ICOs they have staged a graceful exit which is nearing completion. Along with a number of other TokenDesk related ICOs this week I have been banned from their Telegram groups despite never having posted anything. Other long terms holders and supporters […]

Birdchain Links to A2B Taxi, BitRewards, carVertical, Coolomat, IUNGO, OkRoute, ORCA and Purple Minds Media

A2B Taxi A2B Taxi and Birdchain Signs PartnershipThe first blockchain-based taxi platform. 46 cities. 75 million people. One system for taxi service across 46 European cities. Signed a partnership with Birdchain during the live stream. Birdchain will provide A2P SMS and other marketing services to A2B service. 28th of April 2018 | Medium Article BitRewards […]

TokenDesk Links to Bitcoinus, CoinStruction, Dorado, Finpass, IUNGO, Marginless, Miner One, Photochain, Provoco, TOKIA and Welltrado

Bitcoinus CoinStruction Dorado Finpass TokenDesk signs another partnership agreement!Apr 10, 2018 We are happy to announce that we sign an agreement with Finpass !Finpass and TokenDesk agreement with functionallity just introduced allows users to pass KYC procedure straight thought our Wallet solution. This enables us to put more trust into environment we are currently working. […]