What are the Lithuanian Financial Crime Investigation Service also known as the FNTT?

The mission of the Financial Crime Investigation Service is to protect the state financial system by disclosing criminal actions and other violations of law. The goal of the Financial Crime Investigation Service is to elaborate methods of combating criminal activities against the State financial system. Pursuing this goal FCIS takes an active part in the […]

Miner One Links to Bitcoinus, Blockchain Open Fund, Blockchain Solutions, carVertical, Dorado, Golder Games, Goldfish Fund, TokenDesk and TOKIA

Miner One had links with many of the TokenDesk ICOs and was used to cross promote using methods such as reusing mailing list data which was a common tactic for the marketers working with TokenDesk along with manufacturing false partnerships. Bitcoinus For some reason Miner One only announced the partnership with related ICO Bitcoinus in […]

Birdchain Links to A2B Taxi, BitRewards, carVertical, Coolomat, IUNGO, OkRoute, ORCA and Purple Minds Media

A2B Taxi A2B Taxi and Birdchain Signs PartnershipThe first blockchain-based taxi platform. 46 cities. 75 million people. One system for taxi service across 46 European cities. Signed a partnership with Birdchain during the live stream. Birdchain will provide A2P SMS and other marketing services to A2B service. 28th of April 2018 | Medium Article BitRewards […]

Paid ICObench Ratings for carVertical

Both reviewers are involved with TokenDesk, the Blockchain Open Fund, Goldfish Fund and other related ICOs and they are the only ones to give all five ratings (with the exception of Nerijus who gave it a 4 for product). Ricardas Bernotavicius | ICObench Nerijus Tilvikas | ICObench

Blockchain Open Fund Company Information

Little is known about how this company is setup, no Lithuanian company has been found nor where it’s registered. What is know is who the people are who are behind it. Where the funding comes from and returns to is not known. LinkedIn |

Who is Sarunas Legeckas | Business Development for carVertical, CEO of PlaceILive, CEO and Co-Founder of Hyperb and IT Advisor to the Minister Lithuania?

Links to TokenDesk who funded carVertical and Miner One. Miner One is one of the most ambitious ICOs with a supertalented team that I have ever seen. I am confident they will change the economics of the mining industry to everyone’s advantage. This project is doomed to succeed. 14th of February 2018 | Šarūnas Legeckas […]

TOKIA Links to Bitcoinus, Dorado, IUNGO, Miner One, Ondato Finpass, Photochain, TokenDesk and Welltrado

Tokia makes a lot of claims surrounding making strategic partnerships but all of them were made with other TokenDesk ICOs and none were really relevant nor were any delivered. Tokia strategic partnershipsTokia is constantly expanding and seeking new heights! Step by step we are making strategic partnerships and adding the range of trading assets on […]

The Goldfish Fund website goes offline and returns missing information after the arrest of Miner One CEO

Both the Goldfish Fund and Blockchain Open Fund had website outages after the arrest of Miner One CEO Pranas Slusnys on the 7th of March 2019 and only the Gold Fish Fund site returned as a HTTP (non secure) as the SSL certificate is not installed correctly. Update: On the 4th of June 2019 the […]

Blockchain Open Fund domain name has expired | www.blockchainopen.fund

The Blockchain Open Fund website at www.blockchainopen.fund website went offline after the arrest of Pranas Slusnys the CEO of Miner One and has not come back online. Starting the 17/3/2019 it is now displaying a domain expired noticed after the 14 day grace period expired. Checking the domain name shows it was registered for a […]

Who is Tadas Karosas | Chairman of LTk Capital, Blockchain Open Fund and the Goldfish Fund?

Tadas Karosas and Saulius Svitojus have been sentenced for bribery Contact Details LinkedIn Resume Tadas Karosas is the Investor of the venture capital company LTk Capital. He is serial entrepreneur, the founder and developer of e-commerce enterprises. Tadas invests in early stage startups and is also a strategic adviser in the businesses that he develops. […]