Bitcoinus Media Mentions

12th of January 2018 T.Mickauskas:Bitcoinus Will Rule the Blockchain Payment in 2 Yrs 12th of January 2018 | NEWSBTC Global e-commerce revenues rise at around 20% annually and the pace should continue this way for at least several years to come. This year the numbers should exceed $3 trillion level when we combine all worldwide […]

Who is Karyna Kavalenka | Social Media, Client Support & Business Development Manager with Bitcoinus?

Contact Details LinkedIn Connections Discrepancies Resume BitcoinusBusiness Development ManagerSep 2018 – PresentVilnius, Lithuania Client support/Social mediaFeb 2018 – PresentVilnius, LithuaniaClient support manager and social communication. Social content creation and management. Freelance illustratorFreelance artist/IllustratorMar 2017 – PresentVilnius 2D animatorFreelance 2D animator2017 – PresentVilnius 2d animator assistantArt shotOct 2017 – Feb 2018VilniusWork as animator assistant on animation […]

Who is Jevgenijs Kirjacev | Sales Manager, Brand Ambassador and Community Manager with Bitcoinus and Community Management with IUNGO and Electroneum?

Contact Details Also Known AsAdam Kirjacev Adam Bankovsky LinkedIn Connections IUNGO and Bitcoinus Discrepencies No record of Worthy Deals LTD can be found on the UK Business Register. Searches have found nothing like Worthy Deals LTD and searches of Jevgenijs Kirjacev and his other names has found no record of him ever having run a […]

Who is Beatrice Liepute | Digital Marketing Manager with Bitcoinus and Copywriter with Provoco?

Contact Details Beatričė Lieputė LinkedIn Connections Bitcoinus and Provoco Discrepancies Provoco experience was only added between the 15th of April 2019 and the 18th of July 2019. According to the Bitcoinus Telegram Group Beatrice Liepute left the Bitcoinus project sometime between the 8th and 13th of October 2018. Resume Added between the 15th of April […]

The Povilas Scheme is Lithuania’s answer to the Ponzi Scheme!

A Povilas scheme is a fraudulent investing scam promising increased token value and entry to the Top 100 on CMC through the creating of tokens via absurd assumptions and the use of deceitful mathematical calculations. Whilst this type of scheme was not originally invented by Povilas Ruzgaila, it became so identified with him that it […]

Bitcoinus Token Supply increased to 1.5 BILLION without notice!

As if the addition of 100 MILLION Tokens was not enough to dilute the value of the Bitcoinus Tokens now the leadership of Bitcoinus have increased total supply to 1.5 BILLION! The reason they give for this is beyond absurd! The newsletter sent out explains nothing about why the total supply was increased by so […]

Miner One Links to Bitcoinus, Blockchain Open Fund, Blockchain Solutions, carVertical, Dorado, Golder Games, Goldfish Fund, TokenDesk and TOKIA

Miner One had links with many of the TokenDesk ICOs and was used to cross promote using methods such as reusing mailing list data which was a common tactic for the marketers working with TokenDesk along with manufacturing false partnerships. Bitcoinus For some reason Miner One only announced the partnership with related ICO Bitcoinus in […]

TokenDesk Links to Bitcoinus, CoinStruction, Dorado, Finpass, IUNGO, Marginless, Miner One, Photochain, Provoco, TOKIA and Welltrado

Bitcoinus CoinStruction Dorado Finpass TokenDesk signs another partnership agreement!Apr 10, 2018 We are happy to announce that we sign an agreement with Finpass !Finpass and TokenDesk agreement with functionallity just introduced allows users to pass KYC procedure straight thought our Wallet solution. This enables us to put more trust into environment we are currently working. […]

First IEO launched by Bitcoinus is an obvious scam from both sides | TokenRoll

The IEO TokenRoll is registered in Estonia (just like the Lithuanian based Bitcoinus) but TokenRoll is operated from Turkey. Bitcoinus made a decision to get involved with IEO (Initial Exchange Offerings) and their first one is an outright scam that doesn’t even require an in-depth look. The first warning sign is when your Head of […]

Blockchain Solutions Signs Training Agreement with Vilnius College (Vilniaus kolegija)

Only by working closely with companies and organizations can we ensure that we prepare the right professionals to find their way into the business world. Step towards this – the first cooperation agreement with UAB Blockchain Solutions was signed this year. Waiting for many common activities! #Vilnius College On the 5th of September 2018 the […]