Bitcoinus Token Supply increased to 1.5 BILLION without notice!

As if the addition of 100 MILLION Tokens was not enough to dilute the value of the Bitcoinus Tokens now the leadership of Bitcoinus have increased total supply to 1.5 BILLION! The reason they give for this is beyond absurd! The newsletter sent out explains nothing about why the total supply was increased by so […]

Questions Raised About TOKIA

Fake Staff | 2017-12 Allegations of scamming by TOKIA were raised early on in the ICO with one of the admins photos being a stock photo from the internet. No explanation was given for this and two admins changed their photos after this was raised. No Developers | 2018-01 Lack of activity in the TOKIA […]

Sudden Departure of TOKIA CEO Anna Lunhu and Replacement with Nathan Tafer

Many questions were raised regarding TOKIA in the early stages of the ICO and the TOKIA CEO Anna Lunhu was removed and replaced by Co-Founder Nathan Tafer with nothing being said to investors. On the 23rd of February the removal of Anna Petrowna Lunhu as Director occurred and the appointment of Nathan Tafer as the […]

Miner One Links to Bitcoinus, Blockchain Open Fund, Blockchain Solutions, carVertical, Dorado, Golder Games, Goldfish Fund, TokenDesk and TOKIA

Miner One had links with many of the TokenDesk ICOs and was used to cross promote using methods such as reusing mailing list data which was a common tactic for the marketers working with TokenDesk along with manufacturing false partnerships. Bitcoinus For some reason Miner One only announced the partnership with related ICO Bitcoinus in […]

Marginless Links to Finpass and TokenDesk

Finpass As we have told you before, Marginless has great plans for the future, but those plans could not be reached without the support from the best available partners. This week we have announced two new partnerships with two big companies — TokenDesk and Finpass. Finpass is a fintech start-up that has a purpose to […]

TOKIA CEO Anna Lunhu Responds to SCAM Allegation

Tokia ICO: BEWARE POTENTIAL SCAM, Anna Lunhu the CEO responds. This was a response to questions regarding where the company was registered after a potential investor was banned from the TOKIA Telegram group for asking questions. This was posted on the 2nd of January 2018 by a user called TOKIA in the BitcoinForum. Hello everyone, […]

Who is Erfan Hesam | Co-Founder, Chief Innovations & Logistics Officer for Dorado and Founder of Wooopit?

Contact Details LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | CrunchBase | Medium | ICORating Connections Discrepancies No mention of Dorado Resume Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the logistics industry, real estate, information technology and services industry. Strong entrepreneurship professional skilled in Real Estate Development, Marketing Strategy, Ideas Development, Software Project […]

Who is Pedram Assadi | Board Member with Dorado, Head of Operations at UBER Middle East, CEO and Founder with Chilivery and COO of FoodPanda?

Contact Details LinkedIn | CrunchBase | ICORating | F6S | Dorado Connections Discrepancies Questions raised about Pedram Assadi LinkedIn on the 30th of June 2019 shows that he started at FoodPanda in January 2019 but on March the 31st 2019 this was not on LinkedIn. Why the delay in adding this? LinkedIn on the 31st […]

Tomas Martunas became Director of Business Development at LTk Capital

CV.LT: Martūnas became Director of Business Development at LTk Capital Published: 2014-11-03 | Verslo Zinios Tomas Martūnas took up his position as Business Development Director of LTk Capital, which has been managing the App Camp UAB so far. “Together with the team, we will expand mobile and e-commerce businesses in large markets, invest in promising […]

Who is Vytautas Paukstys | Advisor to Goldfish Fund and CEO at Eskimi?

Contact Details LinkedIn | Twitter Connections Advisor to Goldfish Fund Discrepencies No mention of Goldfish Fund. Resume Eskimi is a programmatic and data platform with more than 1B reach and 700M profiled users worldwide. We create unique audience segments for specific industries like telecoms, FMCGs, mobile phones, banking and others. Historically Eskimi also owns mobile […]