What are the Lithuanian Financial Crime Investigation Service also known as the FNTT?

The mission of the Financial Crime Investigation Service is to protect the state financial system by disclosing criminal actions and other violations of law. The goal of the Financial Crime Investigation Service is to elaborate methods of combating criminal activities against the State financial system. Pursuing this goal FCIS takes an active part in the […]

Complaint Lodged with FNTT against Miner One and Pranas Slusnys

On the 8th of February 2019 a written complaint was filed with the FNTT (Financial Crime Investigation Service) in Lithuania to back up an earlier complaint with more detail. As a result of this complaint Pranas Slusnys was arrested soon after and what went on behind the scenes was published on this website as well […]

Why did Gintaras Tamošiūnas join the Secrets of Zurich Telegram Group?

Who is Gintaras Tamošiūnas? He has extensive connections to Tomas Mickauskas, Povilas Ruzgaila and Boris Abramov from their continued involvement in TokenDesk.

IUNGO Posted First Update in Five Months BUT WHY?

IUNGO after five months of silence have posted an update, this occurred very soon after a massive dumping of ING tokens after a social media fraudulent price manipulation campaign. This is similar to TokenDesk who also posted an update claiming an expansion after over six months of silence. The point of these updates? For two […]

Welltrado removing documents and media from the Internet

Website Phillip McFall Why I Joined Welltrados Advisory Team Original URL | https://welltrado.io/phillip-mcfall-why-i-joined-welltrados-advisory-team Successful Exclusive Presale All Tokens Sold Out Original URL | https://welltrado.io/successful-exclusive-presale-all-tokens-sold-out Why a Leading Ventuure Capital Fund Goldfish Invested in Welltra Original URL | https://welltrado.io/why-a-leading-venture-capital-fund-goldfish-invested-in-welltrado

The Golder Games War Field Timeline

March 2018 April 2018 May 2018 May 3 2018 | $14,888 domain name Warfield.com domain name purchased for $14,888 and transferred with no renewal. May 14 2018 | 100 GLDR = $1 Medium Article | “Want a Piece of the Action? Earn Real Crypto Playing WAR FIELD” | Andrius Mironovskis, CEO GLDR will be listed […]

Fake Profiles for TOKIA Employees

TOKIA Co-Founder Jesse C. James and Head of Customer Support Mazvydas Rupsys both had false profile photos in the TOKIA Telegram Group. When this was raised at the end of 2017 the images were removed and no explanation given. Questions around the address of TOKIA were raised at the same time, this is when Povilas […]

Who is Mazvydas Rupsys | Head of Customer Support at TOKIA?

Contact Details Mažvydas RupšysDate of Birth | 17th of March 19xx (17/03/19xx) LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | FreeLancerMap Connections TOKIA Following many TokenDesk ICOs including Marginless, TokenDesk, TOKIA and BitDegree on Twitter. Discrepancies Track ICO page was removed. Twitter post whilst employed at TOKIA Resume Digital NomadSelf-EmployedMar 2012 – PresentLithuania Social Media Management; Content […]

Who is Jesse C. Parks | Co-Founder of TOKIA?

Contact Details None Found, Telegram Account Deleted. Connections Co-Founder of TOKIA and connected with TokenDesk Created TOKIA Group and invited and added members of TokenDesk Admin in TOKIA Group Discrepencies Active in TOKIA as one of the main admins until late March 2018. Fake Profile Photo used in Telegram Member of Birdchain from 12th of […]