Bitcoinus Token Supply increased to 1.5 BILLION without notice!

As if the addition of 100 MILLION Tokens was not enough to dilute the value of the Bitcoinus Tokens now the leadership of Bitcoinus have increased total supply to 1.5 BILLION! The reason they give for this is beyond absurd! The newsletter sent out explains nothing about why the total supply was increased by so […]

Questions Raised About TOKIA

Fake Staff | 2017-12 Allegations of scamming by TOKIA were raised early on in the ICO with one of the admins photos being a stock photo from the internet. No explanation was given for this and two admins changed their photos after this was raised. No Developers | 2018-01 Lack of activity in the TOKIA […]

Sudden Departure of TOKIA CEO Anna Lunhu and Replacement with Nathan Tafer

Many questions were raised regarding TOKIA in the early stages of the ICO and the TOKIA CEO Anna Lunhu was removed and replaced by Co-Founder Nathan Tafer with nothing being said to investors. On the 23rd of February the removal of Anna Petrowna Lunhu as Director occurred and the appointment of Nathan Tafer as the […]

Miner One Links to Bitcoinus, Blockchain Open Fund, Blockchain Solutions, carVertical, Dorado, Golder Games, Goldfish Fund, TokenDesk and TOKIA

Miner One had links with many of the TokenDesk ICOs and was used to cross promote using methods such as reusing mailing list data which was a common tactic for the marketers working with TokenDesk along with manufacturing false partnerships. Bitcoinus For some reason Miner One only announced the partnership with related ICO Bitcoinus in […]

Marginless Links to Finpass and TokenDesk

Finpass As we have told you before, Marginless has great plans for the future, but those plans could not be reached without the support from the best available partners. This week we have announced two new partnerships with two big companies — TokenDesk and Finpass. Finpass is a fintech start-up that has a purpose to […]

TokenDesk ICO Information

$15,382,442 raised Token Price at ICO | USD $2.9266Token Price April 2019 | USD $0.00 ICO Start | 4th of October 2017ICO End | 24th of December 2017 Token infoToken TDSPlatform EthereumType ERC20 TDS tokens sold: 10,277,068 (Hardcap 20,000,000)BTC: 316 | $14,156,44 | $4,473,435.04ETH: 12397 | $756.73 | $9,381,181,81LTC: 9359 | $232.10 | $2,172,223.90XRP: 416942 […]

Photochain Links to TOKIA and TokenDesk

TOKIA Photochain & Tokia partnership We are delighted to announce that the Photochain, the leading blockchain enabled stock photography marketplace and Tokia, a cutting-edge crypto payment processor and cryptocurrency exchange have signed a commercial partnership. Photochain is a true blockchain based business model that, for the first time, enables any contributor to have full control […]

IUNGO removing documents and media from the Internet

Summary As has been the case in the other ICOs that have exited in similar ways IUNGO have been deleting information to cover their tracks and make it hard for investors to hold them accountable. A Co-Founder has tried to conceal his involvement by removing all of his posts in the IUNGO Telegram Group, Medium […]

Golder Games War Field Game Releases

War Field Game Releases The game release notes are not complete as they were not always posted by Golder Games admins. These are from multiple sources from the Telegram Group to the old War Field and the Golder Games website. 28th of June 2018 | v.075 ALPHA better error reporting corrected user interface bugs related […]

Who are the people behind Provoco?

Team Andrius Kontrimavicius | CEO Profile | LinkedIn Ramunas Zilionis | CMO LinkedIn Saulius Miklasevicius | CTO LinkedIn | No mention of Provoco on LinkedIn Mantas Rukuiza | BLOCKCHAIN R&D MANAGER Profile | LinkedIn Aidas Oganauskas | SYSTEM ARCHITECT LinkedIn Simona Simulyte | COMMUNICATION LinkedIn Agne Juskenaite | MEDIA Facebook Marija Jankoit | DESIGNER LinkedIn […]