Photochain Links to TOKIA and TokenDesk

TOKIA Photochain & Tokia partnership We are delighted to announce that the Photochain, the leading blockchain enabled stock photography marketplace and Tokia, a cutting-edge crypto payment processor and cryptocurrency exchange have signed a commercial partnership. Photochain is a true blockchain based business model that, for the first time, enables any contributor to have full control […]

How are Finpass, Ondato and Fintegry related?

Finpass is owned by Ondato who later renamed Finpass to Ondato. Finpass came into existence on the 12th of September 2017 when the company was renamed and other details changed. Fintegry which is the company behind the development of the Finpass product also came into existence on the 5th of September 2017 when an existing […]

Ondato Finpass Links to Blockchain Open Fund, Dorado, Golder Games, Marginless, Miner One, ORCA, Provoco, TokenDesk, TOKIA and WePower

Blockchain Open Fund The Co-Founder and CEO of Finpass is the Managing Partner of the Blockchain Open Fund Liudas Kanapienis. Dorado Golder Games KYC contract has been cancelled and all information returned to Golder Games Marginless As we have told you before, Marginless has great plans for the future, but those plans could not be […]

Who is Erfan Hesam | Co-Founder, Chief Innovations & Logistics Officer for Dorado and Founder of Wooopit?

Contact Details Legal Name | Erfan Hesamadini LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | CrunchBase | Medium | ICORating Connections Discrepancies No mention of Dorado Resume Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the logistics industry, real estate, information technology and services industry. Strong entrepreneurship professional skilled in Real Estate Development, Marketing […]

Who is Pedram Assadi | Board Member with Dorado, Head of Operations at UBER Middle East, CEO and Founder with Chilivery and COO of FoodPanda?

Contact Details LinkedIn | CrunchBase | ICORating | F6S | Dorado Connections Discrepancies Questions raised about Pedram Assadi LinkedIn on the 30th of June 2019 shows that he started at FoodPanda in January 2019 but on March the 31st 2019 this was not on LinkedIn. Why the delay in adding this? LinkedIn on the 31st […]

Who is Emile Valiukaite | Executive Assistant at Blockchain Open Fund and Project Manager at TokenDesk?

Contact Details LinkedIn Connections Discrepancies Resume Project ManagerTokendesk2018 – PresentTokenDesk is a direct token marketplace for cryptocurrency crowdfunding, giving investors technical solution to purchase Initial Coin Offerings Tokens in a faster, safer and more reliable way. Tokendesk integrated wallet solution will become the main tool not only for cryptocurrency investors, but also for those who […]

Who is Rasa Jakiunaite | ICO Marketing and Business Developer at Blockchain Open Fund?

Contact Details LinkedIn Connections Discrepencies Updated Resume between the 15th of April 2019 and 18th of June 2019 to change end date with Blockchain Open Fund to November 2018. Resume Fragrances InternationalJunior Brand ManagerMay 2019 – PresentVilniusManaging Diego dalla Palma brand. Assistant Brand ManagerMar 2019 – PresentVilniusWorking with L’Erbolario and Troll Cosmetics (Juvena, Declare & […]

Who is Liudas Kanapienis | Chairman of the Board at Finpass, Co-Founder and CEO of Ondato and Managing Partner of Blockchain Open Fund?

Contact Details Date of Birth | 29th of September 19xx (29/09/19xx) LinkedIn Connections Discrepancies CEO of PriceOn which was a LTk Capital company. Managing Partner Blockchain Open Fund which was involved with the TokenDesk ICOs which all used Finpass for their KYC. Resume Professional manager with over 15 years experience. Last few years working in […]

IUNGO removing documents and media from the Internet

Summary As has been the case in the other ICOs that have exited in similar ways IUNGO have been deleting information to cover their tracks and make it hard for investors to hold them accountable. A Co-Founder has tried to conceal his involvement by removing all of his posts in the IUNGO Telegram Group, Medium […]

Golder Games War Field Game Releases

War Field Game Releases The game release notes are not complete as they were not always posted by Golder Games admins. These are from multiple sources from the Telegram Group to the old War Field and the Golder Games website. 28th of June 2018 | v.075 ALPHA better error reporting corrected user interface bugs related […]