Paid ICObench Ratings for Miner One

The three people that gave such good ratings to Miner One are all involved with TokenDesk, the Blockchain Open Fund, Goldfish Fund and other related ICOs. Nerijus Tilvikas | ICObench Jonas Karosas | ICObench Andrius Macys | ICObench

Blockchain Solutions Signs Training Agreement with Vilnius College (Vilniaus kolegija)

Only by working closely with companies and organizations can we ensure that we prepare the right professionals to find their way into the business world. Step towards this – the first cooperation agreement with UAB Blockchain Solutions was signed this year. Waiting for many common activities! #Vilnius College On the 5th of September 2018 the […]

The Goldfish Fund Website

Main Page Goldfish Fund builds and invests in the next wave of great companies. Want to work with us?Whether you are an established business, a group of founders, or an international business wanting to expand into Frontier Markets, we would like to hear from you and explore how we can partner-up.Get In Touch About OUR […]

Golder Games ICO Information

Total number of Golder Games (GLDR) Tokens | 2,571,428,571 Smart Contract Amount raised during ICO is USD $12,000,000. Token Pre-Sale Raised $2,850,000 Commenced late on the 28th of June 2018 PRE-TSE1 | 150,000,000 x .004 | $600,000 Sold out PRE-TSE2 | 150,000,000 x .0045 | $675,000 Sold out PRE-TSE3 | 150,000,000 x .005 | $750,000 […]

Golder Games Promise of Increasing Token Value

A promise that was never delivered Golder Games admins throughout the ICO period pushed the point that GLDR would increase in value and would never decrease. Everything that the admins posted came from scripts they were given, the only exception to following the script was senior members of the project. Once the Token Sale Event […]

Who is Maksim Vashkevich | Brand Development Advisor to Miner One and Golder Games and Co-Founder of Neue Unica?

Co-Founder of the same business owned by Darius Udrys who was also the Brand and Business Development Advisor. Contact Details LinkedIn | Twitter | Website | Pinterest Resume Founder & CEONAMERIGHTMar 2018 – PresentVilnius, LithuaniaNAMERIGHT powers human intuition with machine intelligence to enable organisations and entrepreneurs choose the right name. NAMERIGHT uses behavioral science, neurolinguistics, […]

The Golder Games Deception

This is still a draft document Golder Games completed their ICO token sale on the 15th of November 2018 and within two months the ICO was abandoned, key members of the ICO were out of the country on holidays soon afterwards and the $12 million raised was missing. How does a project of an already […]

Golder Games War Field Roadmap

Golder Games had two roadmaps, the first was a business roadmap and the second a technical roadmap that was more detailed. Business Roadmap The business roadmap is vague and talks about quarters, it doesn’t specify anything about the new games nor the GLDR platform and information in the whitepaper is vague. Technical Roadmap The technical […]

Birdchain App and Development Review

I don’t know where to start with this review, it was apparently written by the CEO of the Birdchain ICO Joao Martins and glosses over the fact that they left mid ICO and immediately kept developing the same product. This information was not made available to the investors. has provided services ranging from software […]

Who is Marius Petrauskas | Chief Marketing Officer of Vertex JSC, Chief Executive Officer of and

Contact Details Date of Birth | 8th of DecemberLinkedIn | Personal Website | Twitter Resume Leading a talented team to build the crowdfunding platform of the next generation. Looking for partners. Contact me for more information and a link to the working prototype. CEOBusinero.comOct 2018 – PresentVilnius, LithuaniaBusinero aims to create a financial instrument to […]