Bitcoinus Media Mentions

12th of January 2018 T.Mickauskas:Bitcoinus Will Rule the Blockchain Payment in 2 Yrs 12th of January 2018 | NEWSBTC Global e-commerce revenues rise at around 20% annually and the pace should continue this way for at least several years to come. This year the numbers should exceed $3 trillion level when we combine all worldwide […]

Andrius Mironovskis | We have a Product so Golder Games cannot be a SCAM!

We have product, so it cant be the scam 🙂 20th of March 2019 | Andrius Mironovskis I contacted Golder Games CEO and owner Andrius Mironovskis using a pseudo name on the 19th of March 2019 to see what was happening with War Field development and was told that a huge update was coming and […]

Golder Games did no Blockchain development to automate Token withdrawal from War Field

Many questions were raised about why there often delays of over a month to withdraw tokens from the War Field game and the excuse given was that was to protect against cheaters but part of the development to War Field was to build in a system to detect cheaters so was the real reason because […]

Golder Games War Field ICO Project Financial Report

How much did Golder Games spend to get the game War Field to the point where they abandoned this? Some costs are unknown like the shared office space and the money paid to senior members of the team but for the remainder the costs are reasonably easy to work out. The total costs for the […]

The Golder Games War Field Timeline

March 2018 April 2018 May 2018 May 3 2018 | $14,888 domain name domain name purchased for $14,888 and transferred with no renewal. May 14 2018 | 100 GLDR = $1 Medium Article | “Want a Piece of the Action? Earn Real Crypto Playing WAR FIELD” | Andrius Mironovskis, CEO GLDR will be listed […]

Marginless speads FUD about competitors whilst running their own scam ICO

Marginless were quick to denounce other ICOs as scams whilst they were running their elaborate slow exit. Something to consider, it’s all very well considering a project that claims to have the lowest fees but if they are a scam the result is a total loss of your investment. Crypto Backstage. Who are the outsiders? […]

Who is Karyna Kavalenka | Social Media, Client Support & Business Development Manager with Bitcoinus?

Contact Details LinkedIn Connections Discrepancies Resume BitcoinusBusiness Development ManagerSep 2018 – PresentVilnius, Lithuania Client support/Social mediaFeb 2018 – PresentVilnius, LithuaniaClient support manager and social communication. Social content creation and management. Freelance illustratorFreelance artist/IllustratorMar 2017 – PresentVilnius 2D animatorFreelance 2D animator2017 – PresentVilnius 2d animator assistantArt shotOct 2017 – Feb 2018VilniusWork as animator assistant on animation […]

Who is Jevgenijs Kirjacev | Sales Manager, Brand Ambassador and Community Manager with Bitcoinus and Community Management with IUNGO and Electroneum?

Contact Details Also Known AsAdam Kirjacev Adam Bankovsky LinkedIn Connections IUNGO and Bitcoinus Discrepencies No record of Worthy Deals LTD can be found on the UK Business Register. Searches have found nothing like Worthy Deals LTD and searches of Jevgenijs Kirjacev and his other names has found no record of him ever having run a […]