Bryan Ng and his claimed COVID-19 TGA Certification

Bryan Ng the CEO of failed ICO Nauticus claimed that the COVID-19 company that he set up in January to help his fellow Australians was undergoing TGA Certification. But not only is his company unregistered but there is no record of him or his company applying to the TGA and combined with the loss of […]

Bryan Ng | CEO claims he is not involved with Nauticus Exchange!

Bryan Ng claims on his LinkedIn profile that he is no longer CEO and Co-Founder of Nauticus Exchange where he and the COO disappeared with $19.4 Million USD of investors money however the company registration shows this to be incorrect. No changes have been made since 2018 and the company information shows that Bryan Ng […]

Bryan Ng moves into COVID-19 Supplies after $19.4 Million USD Disappearance

The former CEO and Co-Founder of Nauticus Exchange has now started up a COVID-19 Supply company ostensibly to help fellow “Australians”. This is the first appearance of Bryan Ng who disappeared with $19.4 million USD of investors money (including fellow “Australians”) along with COO and Co-Founder Jonathan Chang in late 2019. The same Bryan Ng […]

Why have CPA Australia failed to act against Nauticus CEO Bryan Ng and First Accountants?

Complaints have been filed with CPA Australia by email detailing the full extent of what has occurred at both Nauticus and First Accountants Pty Ltd, both owned by Bryan Ng who had his own company perform an audit that found that nearly USD $19.4 million was raised but the Co-Founder and COO claimed later that […]

Why have AUSTRAC FAILED to take action against Nauticus Exchange?

AUSTRAC is the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre and has the role of monitoring cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia. Nauticus Exchange is still listed as active with AUSTRAC despite being involved in a USD $19.4 million dollar fraud and not currently trading. AUSTRAC has the power to act on Nauticus and investigate but has failed […]

Legal Review and Rating of Nauticus ICO

Legal Review and Rating of Nauticus ICOThe purpose of this summary is to provide, from a legal perspective and based on the Nauticus ICO Agreement and Whitepaper, an overview of high-level risks arising in connection with the purchase of Nauticus Coins. Published on Aug 07, 2018 16:51By Brian Konradi, Decentra Group As part of our […]

Nauticus CEO says good legislation can protect users from scams

Nauticus CEO says good legislation can protect users from scams By Christian Keszthelyi -Tuesday, 16 April, 2019 at 1:34 Updated on 13/08/2019 at 10:59 A foolproof regulatory framework that protects the users is essential to prevent scams related to emerging blockchain and cryptocurrency investments, says Bryan Ng, Co-founder and CEO of digital asset exchange Nauticus, […]

Making a CPA Australia Complaint about First Accountants as an Investor

To file a complaint about Bryan Ng and First Accountants with CPA Australia the following information will assist. To assist with statistics please let me know the date you lodged the complaint and any contact with the CPA Australia after the complaint. See below for the details. Bryan Ng the CEO of Nauticus used his […]

Nauticus Offices Abandoned at 100 Collins Street Melbourne as Johnathan and Bryan Take Flight

On the 11th of December 2019 an investor in Nauticus visited the 5/100 Collins Street office of Nauticus Exchange to find it abandoned with no sign of Jonathan Chang or Bryan Ng. Tradesmen were in the tenancy preparing it for a new tenancy. A check online showed that this tenancy was listed on the 20th […]

Who is Kin Wong | FinTech Guru at Nauticus, Vice President of Nomura Securities, Senior Manager of Macquarie AI trading and Senior Software Engineer of AE Capital?

Contact Details LinkedIn | ICOSBULL | ICORating Connections Personal friend of Jonathan Chang and Bryan Ng according to interview with Jonathan. Discrepancies Became full time employee of Nauticus around September of 2018 but no mention of this on his resume. A gap from August 2018 to January 2019 exists. Big Time Fintech Guru Joins NauticusKin […]