How much did Golder Games spend to get the game War Field to the point where they abandoned this? Some costs are unknown like the shared office space and the money paid to senior members of the team but for the remainder the costs are reasonably easy to work out.

The total costs for the ICO including development of the game is between $563,000 and $602,250 leaving around $11,400,000 unaccounted for.

ICO Running Costs | $500,000

From information that I’ve received from inside the TokenDesk operation, information posted by Pranas Slusnys and discussions with people inside Golder Games it is likely that the cost of running the ICO was around $500,000.

War Field Game Development | $30,250 to $59,500

The game itself involves the Unity game engine that has been estimated to have cost between $2250 and $4500 for a nine month period.

Purchasing of the maps for the games ranges from $75 to $80 plus assets used on the maps would not exceed $1000.

Development staffing costs will be estimated based on two to four programmers receiving $1500 per month over a nine month period so $27,000 to $54,000.

10th of September 2018 | Team working in Vilnius

Office Space | $?

Office space is difficult to estimate as the TokenDesk ICOs shared space with each other and some staff worked from home.

Support Staff | $42,750

Customer Service staff during the ICO period are hard to estimate but they were online 24/7, most were paid in crypto so no tax and were doing this whilst studying and some were working across multiple ICOs.

Assuming 6 staff working an 8 hour shift each day and $1000 per staff member this is $6000 per month during the six busy months of the ICO so $36,000. After the ICO fund raising this reduced to 2 per day shared with Miner One so assuming $750 per staff member for 3 months that’s $2250 per month and $6750 for the 3 months.

Management | $?

How much Andrius Mironovskis, Dylan Sharkey, Darius Udrys, Jonas Udris, Rimas Puriuškis and other key members were paid is unknown.

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