Deividas Snapkauskas has been convicted at least four times for crimes ranging from Robbery to Kidnapping.

This was raised with Marginless in March 2018 with a link to

31st of March 2018 | Marginless Telegram Group

Lukas Jonaitis claimed that an investigation was underway and more details would be provided when this was over. No further details were ever provided however they did remove Deividas Snapkauskas from the Advisor list. He fails to mention that only a few days earlier Deividas Snapkauskas gave an interview that promoted Marginless.

31st of March 2018 | Marginless Telegram Group

Entrepreneur of the bugger Buzas sent out for bars

When Marijampolė businessman Žydrūnas Buza was abducted, held for three weeks and ransomed for it, the Kaunas citizens heard the court decision.

27-year-old Deividas Snapkauskas has been sent for 4 years for storing the abducted Bauska and other crimes not related to this story.

22nd of June 2010 | 15Min

Z. Buzas abducted for foreign debt?

The testimony of D.Snapkauskas, who has been convicted three times and has been hiding from the last sentence (for robbery), has also been confirmed by Z.Buzas.

D.Snapkauskas told that he had been able to hide from law enforcement for more than two years, with the help of R.Laimaus and Lukashenko, with whom they participated in betting events organized by betting points

9th of January 2010 | Delfi

There are many different charges in the kidnapping case

In addition to his captivity, the 27-year-old David Snapkauskas is waiting for the court verdict three times earlier. In addition to the above-mentioned unlawful deprivation of liberty, the latter is also accused of a number of other crimes – fraud, misappropriation of the name of a public servant, forgery of a document and disposition of forged documents, falsification of a stamp or form.

Subsequently, A.Račkelis agreed that D.Snapkauskas would secure the abducted Buzza for monetary reward, followed by a considerable criminal slip. In addition, A.Račkelis found a new place – a garden belonging to her childhood friend in Kaunas district.

It turned out in the court that during the three weeks mentioned above, while Bauska was held in captivity, his hijackers attempted to flee. Collateral wife was required to pay 3.2 million. EUR (over 11 million litas) ransom.

In this case, D.Snapkauskas is accused not only of deprivation of liberty, but also of many other crimes. It turned out that a man from R.Laimaus and D.Lukošenkino had purchased five false driver’s licenses and an identity card with foreign data for 3000 litas. Using these documents, he has concluded 18 leasing and telephone service contracts across Lithuania.

Usually D.Snapkauskas purchased laptops and mobile phones under leasing-credit agreements, which were later realized by unidentified persons.

In addition, Laima and D. Lukashenko have produced D.Snapkauskas and the State Tax Inspectorate Kaunas Branch employee’s certificate and stamp. Using it, the guy went to one of Kaunas companies and made an “inventory”, put the stamps, signed the check-in journal. The allegation states that, at that time, the purpose of Mr Snapka was to profit from the suppression of alleged irregularities in the company and, in return, to obtain monetary compensation.

By the way, out of all four defendants, only the aforementioned D.Snapkauskas fully acknowledged his guilt. All others, including Mr Ročkelis, the initiator of Buzha’s kidnapping, have unanimously claimed no offense. When the time comes to testify, the accused took advantage of the opportunity provided by law to speak only after hearing the testimony given to the witnesses and the victims.

2nd of November 2009 | Kauno diena

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