Tokia ICO: BEWARE POTENTIAL SCAM, Anna Lunhu the CEO responds.

This was a response to questions regarding where the company was registered after a potential investor was banned from the TOKIA Telegram group for asking questions. This was posted on the 2nd of January 2018 by a user called TOKIA in the BitcoinForum.

Hello everyone,

first of all, thank you for your interest in Tokia. It is unfortunate for you and us, that our communication has slipped a bit and therefore I would like to fix it.

To start with – the address:

We have registered the company all of us being abroad as we work this way for a long time. Most of our projects were based on having individual roles and goals to accomplish. Our team is formed from really well locally known professionals with exactly the same principle in mind – everyone of them have their objectives in this project that will be necessary to achieve. Since we are all professionals, it is “just another” project for us, more innovative, more trending and we’re happy to participate in it.

Since none of the CEOs of any bigger corporation reside at the same address where they are usually registered, it would be great if you understand that very well. We have registered our company in the UK because it is the most convenient location for many reasons starting from business operations, banking, tax, legal and etc. Yes, of course we could have registered the company in offshore locations like Gibraltar, Malta, Cyprus and etc., but we’ve chosen to stay among the companies who are not afraid to show all processes and finance in the most transparent way. Offshore locations would “most likely” have given some “other options” for crypto based business. That is not what we’re after. We want transparency.

All the rest of the topic regarding the company being registered 3 weeks ago or so – well, it is how it is. You are not looking at these facts from the right perspective since the company is registered and no fraud or scam could be desired under such legal status.

Another thing – the founders of Tokia.
We have our internal agreements about the division of Tokia shares. It have many things to do with the performance of each and every founder, since the project itself is not necessarily financially backed by all of them equally. That is important to understand as for any starting business some stakeholders might be fueling it with money while others – with their experience and hard work. Therefore, after a while when the actual result shows, the stake gets to be distributed more equally, or simply in accordance to individual performance levels of the founders.

It might seem a bit puzzling, but it is not an easy task to start such company and none of our team expect to just get over the ICO and then do nothing. In contrast, all the internal agreements between our founders are made to make sure everyone will do what they are supposed to.

Also, among our advisers we have highly experienced and respected banking and finance professionals:

Steven Vermeire
Investor, fintech advisor and CIO

Steven is a Managing partner at VCTS, Founding partner at YOUNNIC Capital Partners. He focuses on coaching & supporting technology start-ups/scale-ups, works extensively with fintechs and brings in considearble ITsec experience from one of the largest Belgian companies.

Talal Tabbaa
Co-Founder of Jibrel Network

A block-chain evangelist, Talal is the co-founder of Jibrel Network, a blockchain platform for traditional financial assets. He also serves as a member of the Advisory Board at the British Blockchain association and is a member of the CryptoValley Association in Zug, Switzerland.

Kevin Allen
Entrepreneur, Crowdfunding expert

Kevin is a founder of QDDTI, was Chief of Staff at Wealth Migrate, a global real estate investment management marketplace, and is the founding Chairman at the African Crowdfunding Association, where he is focusing on bringing together crowdfunding platforms across Africa. He believes we live in an abundant world and is excited about how Blockchain technology will bring this to life.

There will be more top-level professionals advising Tokia. We will make announcements to inform our community about the new advisers.

All this is important to show YOU – all our supporters, that we are not bunch of 19 year olds with no plan or strategy, but the opposite. We hope to achieve our goals and deliver the benefits of Tokia as soon as we can. Not only for our satisfaction of getting things done, but most importantly for YOUR satisfaction.

I hope this post will clear the fog a bit. I had a couple of words with our admins of Telegram, there clearly was a misunderstanding between some members of our channel for which I apologize. If you have any questions regarding our business, ICO, team members or etc., please contact me. Tokia is going to be a fine business, just as any other could. The market needs our products and we are working hard to get them delivered to you ASAP.

I will leave you my email address so that you can drop me a line if you need clarification on any of the aspects of Tokia ICO. Here it is:

Thank you for your time and support.

Anna Lunhu

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