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Robertas Višinskis
Date of Birth | 6th of June 19xx (6/06/19xx)




  • No mention of position as CEO and Founder of Mysterium Network on Resume.
  • No mention of position as advisor to Edgeless.
  • No mention of position as advisor to Monetha.
  • No mention of position as advisor to IUNGO.
  • No mention of position as advisor to Birdchain.


Everyone can change the world, but not everyone realizes it! I am optimistic about the future, so let’s create a better one together!

Empowerment – is the underlying idea I am working on.

My main project is Trustribe – Reputation System tailored for P2P marketplaces, Small Service providers.

Blockchain Startup

Oct 2016 – Present
LocationUnterägeri, Canton of Zug, Switzerland
Building Decentralized technologies – open access to the Internet for all Internet users.

Customer Development Manager
May 2015 – Feb 2016
As Customer Development manager I am researching behaviors of our target customers, forming insights, testing hypothesis based on insights, validating.
As Product Manager I am forming vision based on findings from Customer development and communicate it with product development team, also I prioritize tasks for development team

Jan 2013 – Jun 2014
Trustribe is improving Sharing Economy, by empowering individuals operating within it.

We are creating a technology which is helping P2P Businesses improve their Reputation systems, by increasing retention rates, engagement levels, filtering out bad apples, promoting desired behavior.
This also enables people to own their Reputation Capital, which they gathered through active participation across Collaborative Economy / P2P services. With help of Trustribe people are Empowered to carry their Reputation with them wherever they go, which is helping them open doors previously closed for them. See less

CTO, Creator & Innovator
Meta Group
Jun 2005 – Mar 2014
Meta Group is a company striving to create new projects in a very turbulent market – Internet.

We are currently creating :
Whemsy – technological solution to Habit development problem
TeachMeGood – new generation socially driven teaching platform
Anglu24 – successful english teaching course in Lithuania metaLIFE – social platform for Second Life

My job is to make it tick, evolve, grow, connect the dots, etc…

CEO assistant
Jun 2005 – Jun 2006
Help CEO run the business, do research, form insights, assist in all matters

Comercial manager assistant
Druskininku Rasa
Jun 2004 – Jun 2005
manage production lines, manage supply of production to our customers


Kaunas University of Technology
EMBA, International innovative management
2005 – 2007
Activities and Societies: Foreman
Learn to write code, participated in student association

Kaunas University of Technology
BA, Computer science
1998 – 2005
Activities and Societies: Student association, Student corporation, many more proactive student activities
Programming in various languages, learning various techniques

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