Dylan Sharkey created a new position for his brother Andrew Sharkey, not only was the position not required but the relationship was not disclosed. The position added no value to IUNGO and was another example of investor funds being laundered.

Numerous searches with combinations of “Rapid Capital Andrew Sharkey” have failed to find a single valid link and as this position isn’t listed on Andrew Sharkey’s resume it can be considered to be a bogus position to justify the hiring of a family member who was out of work at the time.

Iungo expands into Asian markets, prepares for first strategic partnerships in Asia-Pacific.

IUNGO Network | Mar 19, 2018 | Medium

In keeping with Iungo Network’s mission to create the first truly global WiFi network, the team is happy to announce some significant steps forward in key Asian markets. With the availability of quality, secure, affordable WiFi access seeing such a broad imbalance within and across various geographic regions of the Asian continent, we see a massive opportunity to disrupt and radically change the game of how people access the internet. Whether it is the family getting online for the first time using a single, shared tablet in rural Uttar Pradesh, India, or the busy young entrepreneur needing a secure, reliable connection for doing business from their favorite cafe in Seoul, South Korea, Iungo is taking steps to ensure that there will be no barriers to accessing the services that they need.

IUNGO at the NEO Roadshow in Taipei, Taiwan

On the technology and research side, Iungo is embarking upon a program of strategic partnership building in each key Asian region, with an initial focus on Asia Pacific. We believe that together with strong, knowledgeable local partners in place, we can accelerate the development of our platform and eventually spur wider global adoption with the progress made in each unique marketplace.

Andrew representing IUNGO at a Taiwan Crypto Investor Discussion Panel

In addition, on the business operations and strategy side, Iungo is building relationships with regional partners in order to extend our reach into local leaders in blockchain financing and marketing, as a crucial step in further facilitating the ambitious development and global role out of the Iungo Web Network. To this end, we have partnered with Rapid Capital’s Asia GM, Andrew Sharkey, to assist with the regional expansion strategy, to develop relations with (the ever more crucial) Asian cryptocurrency exchanges in order to pave the way for further ING listings, and to develop a network of Chinese-speaking investors, as well as blockchain influencers and regional advertising agencies. Andrew speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese and English, holds an MBA from the prestigious National Taiwan University and has almost ten years of Business Development and Management experience in Asia with a focus on Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Andrew will manage these markets directly along with SE Asia and will seek additional local partners in Japan and Korea as these markets have unique characteristics.

This invite only event was attended by traditional VCs looking for exposure to interesting projects as well as seasoned Asian Crypto Investors

We are as excited as ever to continue taking these strides forward in developing the global WiFi access that the world deserves, and we thank our supporters and partners for sharing in this vision and embarking on this journey with us!

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  1. finally you are hitting the right nail – everything related with Sharkey is a scam! He still present himself with mr ex LinkedIn …. But it’s time you go after the founders of Tokia for that matter

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