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Ernestas Petkevicius has connections to TokenDesk via the ICO and their owner Blockchain Open Fund which is a part of the Goldfish Fund via a long friendship with Vytautas Paukstys who is an advisor to the Goldfish Fund.


Entrepreneur and Blockchain enthusiast. I am a serial Founder and investor of different companies in Nothern Europe. My skills helped my business to become one of the leaders in international bulk messaging, social networks, Rent2Buy services and laser manufacturing.

I am constantly exploring new markets and looking for new projects and opportunities to diverse my businesses and grow.

Currently, I am Founder and Board member:

  • a blockchain based messaging app which provides a revenue income for all users.
  • VertexSMS. It an international bulk messaging platform capable of sending out 100 million SMSs per month.
  •,, International dating site platform.
  • Be Kredito. Company pioneering in Rent-To-Own industry in the continental Europe.
  • Integrated Optics. High-tech laser component manufacturer.

I am also actively trading cryptocurrencies and invest in ICO

JSC Vertex

Dec 2007 – Present
I have started Vertex as a Latvian and Lithuanian company focusing on mobile payments in 2007. Since then it grew horizontally and vertically – it has strong dedicated team and orients in diverse industries. I managed to turn it into successful investment platform. Latest investments were made into Integrated Optics and Be Kredito.

In 2013 Vertex earned Gazelė award as one the fastest growing companies in the country. This award is given only to the most transparent, profitable and consecutively growing companies.

Key responsibilities:

  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Maintaining awareness of new markets and industries
  • Finding opportunities to expand
  • Finding and developing of partnerships (local and foreign)
  • Representation of the company

Member of the Board
Integrated Optics

Apr 2013 – Present
Vilnius, Lithuania
In 2013 I perceived niche in high-tech laser market and together with Business Angels Fund I ( invested in a small company – Integrated Optics. Today it manufactures integrated optical devices, power electronics and plasmonic substrates. The company exploits its unique semi-automated assembly method to produce compact and efficient electronics. The know-how of the company opens new possibilities in photonics product prototype development and manufacturing.

The clients of Integrated Optics are major and well-known global brands, universities and research centers. Since establishment in 2012 company prosecuted 6 core patent applications, which protect key technologies, developed by the company’s engineers.

Key responsibilities:

  • Investor
  • Strategic consulting
  • Financial consulting See less


Jul 2017 – Present
Birdchain will solve real-world business problems. At the same time, it will also offer multiple ways to earn cryptocurrency for people. It will have a user-friendly look of regular instant messaging app. But instead of simply allowing to communicate, it will also allow receive rewards in BIRD tokens for completing simple tasks. Users will receive cryptocurrency for engaging promotional material. They will also get BIRD tokens for sharing some information with businesses. See less

Member of the Board
UAB “Gera dovana”
Jun 2016 – Present
“Gera Dovana” is a leading gift and experience sales group in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. Working with main retailers in these countries is distributing more then 2000 different present packages with turnover for more then 5M EUR

Member of the Board
2013 – Present
Vilnius, Lithuania
Be Kredito is the first brand of rent-to-own industry in continental Europe. It was launched in the middle of 2014 in Vilnius where the most suitable demographics for such business in Eastern Europe can be found.
The business model and opportunities also attracted investments from Business Angels Fund I ( and USA investors.

Key responsibilities:

  • Investor
  • Strategic consulting
  • Financial consulting
  • Marketing
  • Finding and developing of partnerships (local and foreign)
  • Representation of the company See less


2009 – Apr 2017
Lithuania, Latvia
Shortly after introduction of iPhone, mobile payments market – which was main source of income to Vertex – began to shrink worldwide. During this period I have explored the market and studied needs of clients that could be met with the resources Vertex had. Thus new bulk messaging platform VertexSMS was presented.

After making VertexSMS resulted to be as I envisioned it. Both platform and services we provide to our customers are tailored to their needs. It can be accessed through API, HTML or SMTP. Client can use VertexSMS independently or can trust our dedicated team to distribute their message to existing and potential clients. The team also provides our clients with reports, trainings and consulting services.

In just a few years VertexSMS became one of the largest and fastest growing bulk messaging platforms in the region. Currently we are focusing on European, Middle Eastern, African, Asian and South American markets.

Key responsibilities:

  • Communication with customers
  • Team managing
  • Guidance and employee consulting
  • Scheduling of tasks
  • Performance tracking See less

2012 – Jan 2017
Lithuania was started as side project but later I transformed it into multinational internet dating platform. It is established in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Croatia. It also has international version –

The success of the platform is orientation to the customers. I supervised formation of the platform to be easy to use, simple and modern. Also, I have gathered and dedicated part of my team to bring best user experience possible to our customers. and related dating sites are growing rapidly and takes place amongst top dating sites in respective countries. During August of 2014 dating sites generated almost 3 million visits. In total almost 45 million pages were viewed during that month. In September these numbers rocketed as holiday season ended.

Key responsibilities:

  • Team managing
  • Guidance and employee consulting
  • Scheduling of tasks
  • Performance tracking
  • WEB and Mobile product development See less

Angel investor
Sep 2010 – May 2012
Vilnius, Lithuania
UD7 is a mobile applications developer for Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) and Android platforms.
Founded in 2010 it has already published over 20 applications for mobile devices with some of them reaching #1 position in Top of free applications in UK and #14 in US AppStore.
Development of in-house applications and applications for big clients allowed us to gain experience rapidly, and become the most experienced iOS application developer in Lithuania.

Product development manager/co-owner – Exit !
JSC Verozona
Mar 2003 – Dec 2007
Vilnius, Lithuania
In Veromobile ( I started working as project manager and grew to become co-owner. I found the value of entrepreneurship and acquired skills and knowledge necessary for businessman. Hearing needs of customers and partners, diplomatic approach to problems and management of critical situations became my personal qualities. I also have learned the value of planning and hearing both clients and programmers. Even today these skills help me to operate my business successfully.

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