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João Alberto Martins

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Only became CEO of Birdchain in August 2018 after Audrius Vrubliauskas left with key staff to start another company which developed a lot of the Birdchain infrastructure.

CIO of Novus One that was starting it’s ICO in April 2019. No mention on LinkedIn and the CEO claims to be working fulltime in Vilnius for Birdchain. See section further down the page for information on this ICO.

21st of April 2018 | Birdchain Telegram Group
25th of April 2019 | Novus One Telegram Group


Passion driven networker & communicator.
Blockchain, Architecture, Hospitality, food & everything good, Enthusiast.
The Future is Global, Decentralized and built on Diversity, it includes everyone and values each one’s uniqueness.

A decentralized path that splashed into different areas. With a background in Architecture first and Law later, I was deeply involved in the University Students Association and other Academic groups, while working with the largest Portuguese Private bank group.

After exploring and gathering experience in the Architectural and banking law worlds, I jumped into my own project, opening a Hostel unit and running a couple of other units in Porto, up until 2016. During that year I took the role of international Brand Ambassador and international Business Developer for different businesses and got in touch with the first crypto projects. After which Blockchain and crypto became my full focus and passion, and I stepped up as CEO of Birdchain and, more recently, applying my TGE experience as a Tokenomics and Strategy Advisor at Spot Fake Food and ultimately taking the role of CMO to run its token sale.


2017 – Present
Birdchain , the app that rewards.
Birdchain rewards you for your attention and engagement in a simple, fun way.
We are more than an incentivised content and marketing platform – we are firm believers in Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and shared economy. And we are bringing it all to the world, aiming for mass adoption, and with the understanding that owning your own Crypto is the best way learn about it.
Birdchain is all-in-one app where you are rewarded for your resources and interacting with content, where you can discover and learn about Blockchain & Crypto, while hold or exchange your earned BIRD.

Strategy & Communication Advisor

2018 – Present
Aug 2018 – Jan 2019

Advisor & Ambassador

2018 – Present

Brand ambassador and spokesman
Vertex JSC

2017 – Present

Magnolia Porto Hostel

Mar 2011 – Present
Porto e Região, Portugal

Feb 2011 – Sep 2016
Porto e Região, Portugal

Porto Republica Hostel & Suites

2017 – Present
Porto Center, Portugal

International Business Development and Representative
2016 – 2017
Expanded to new markets and found new strategies and products.
Established and nurtured institutional client relations.
Increased international sales volume.

Novus One ICO

Who or what is is creating a new space for a new world. There are growing concerns of security, privacy, and freedom in internet-based communities which affect every one of any age, race or culture. We are addressing these issues and making them our main focus as we develop a world community network backed by blockchain technology and military grade security both at the hardware and software levels.

Put simply; our platform is a social network core integrated with everything and anything both cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency related. Because of the business model we are using we have no success ceiling. Our platform has no growth limitations and is infinitely expandable.

“the most important crypto project since Bitcoin”

Novus One Team

Novus One website

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