Nerijus Tilvikas who gave such a good rating to Golder Games is involved with TokenDesk, the Blockchain Open Fund, Goldfish Fund and other related ICOs.

Nerijus Tilvikas | ICObench

Great concept with a great team and advisory board. The idea of using blockchain to let players port their in-game assets from game to game and even to cash out has been proposed before but never fully realized. This ICO is the first demonstration of this concept that makes me believe this team can make it happen. With most ICOs consisting of not much more than promises, here we have a strong combination of an economic platform that lets you win, move or withdraw tokens, a real working product (a shooter game) and a utility token with huge upside potential. The team has a solid plan to use funds raised to develop the shooter game and additional games. This should boost the value of the token.

1st of August 2018 | ICObench | Nerijus Tilvikas

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