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Golder Games completed their ICO token sale on the 15th of November 2018 and within two months the ICO was abandoned, key members of the ICO were out of the country on holidays soon afterwards and the $12 million raised was missing. How does a project of an already existing product with a small staff in a country with low wages close two months after raising $12 million?

Throughout the ICO token sale the message that GLDR would only increase in value and they even said they would adjust “monetary policy” to maintain GLDR value at no less then 100 GLDR to 1 US Dollar.

On the 31st of January the few remaining staff were told that the project had been paused for further development and for the global change in the in-game economy so moderation and community support is suspended until further notice. This was not communicated to Golder Games investors. The Telegram group was abandoned with the exception of a rare post by one of the admins.

Also in January or February 2019 the KYC (Know Your Customer) contract was cancelled and all data was returned to Golder Games raising the question of why a business that planned to continue operation would cancel such a service.

The CEO of Golder Games Andrius Mironovskis was a Co-Founder and senior member of the Miner One ICO that ended in a similar manner with USD $6 million+ missing. These are not the only commonalities between these ICOs, Jonas Udris the Corporate and Legal Advisor was Co-Founder and Legal Advisor to Miner One and Darius Udrys the Brand and Business Development Advisor was in the same position at Miner One.

Maksim Vashkevich who was never mentioned as part of the Miner One or Golder Games teams was the Brand Development Advisor to both, he is the Co-Founder of Neue Unica a Lithuanian branding company which is owned by Darius Udrys the Brand and Business Development Advisor.

Rimas Puriuškis the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder at Golder Games until March 2019 (2 months after it shut down), he was also the Digital Marketing and Community Manager at Miner One and has further connections to both Andrius Mironovskis and Jonas Udris which are detailed shortly.

Dzianis Kuchynski the Chief Communications Officer for Golder Games was also the Head of Community Support for Miner One until at least December 2018. He was also the most senior person left at Golder Games from January onwards.

Dylan Sharkey who has been involved in many of the other TokenDesk ICOs has also been involved with Bitcoinus, Provoco, IUNGO, HODL Finance, CoinStruction and has close ties to the Blockchain Open Fund which is owned by Goldfish Fund and LTk Capital who also own TokenDesk which was involved in the financing and starting up all of the Lithuanian ICOs being investigated.

The connections continue with a company called CFlow with the CEO Andrius Mironovskis and Co-Owner Jonas Udris having a further connection with the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Golder Games Rimas Puriuškis being the marketing director of CFlow.

Andrius Mironovskis registered Blockchain International FZE as the company behind Golder Games whilst whilst involved in Miner One as a Co-Founder with Pranas Slusnys (currently being investigated for the theft of $6+ million in investor funds) who had registered Miner One FZE. There are under 10,000 companies registered in the Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAKFTZ) and it is no coincidence that Miner One and Golder Games both chose that location. The owner of Miner One is Pranas Slusnys but the ownership of Blockchain International FZE is not able to be confirmed but is likely to be Andrius Mironovskis and possibly also Pranas Slusnys.

Golder Games also had on their roadmap the launch of Apple and Google store versions of it’s game in February and in May the launch of Sony PlayStation and Microsoft XBox. These were never going to be released as these platforms are very restrictive around cryptocurrency reward applications.

More to come soon….

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