Golder Games War Field made many promises that it failed to deliver on.

Investment Return

Promises were made to maintain a minimum price of GLDR and this would increase in value to encourage investors to hold their tokens in order for Golder Games to dump stolen tokens at a higher price which was a common activity across all the TokenDesk ICOs. Promises of minimum and increasing value of GLDR

Game Development

Promises were made to develop new and exciting games which never occurred. The game development was using off the shelf maps and assets. War Field Game Development


A number of competitions were held, some received their prizes but it’s not known if these are rigged but other competitions were run and dragged out as they knew the exit scam was happening.

Competition | Secret Agent Bounty Program

No winner ever announced.

26th of January 2019 | Golder Games Telegram Group
20th of February 2019 | Golder Games Telegram Group

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