Golder Games Token Information

Total number of Golder Games (GLDR) Tokens | 2,571,428,571

Smart Contract

ICO Result

Amount raised during ICO is USD $12,000,000.

5th of November 2018 | Golder Games Telegram Group

Token Pre-Sale

Raised $2,850,000

Commenced late on the 28th of June 2018

PRE-TSE1 | 150,000,000 x .004 | $600,000

Sold out

PRE-TSE2 | 150,000,000 x .0045 | $675,000

Sold out

PRE-TSE3 | 150,000,000 x .005 | $750,000

Sold out

PRE-TSE4 | 150,000,000 x .0055 | $825,000

Sold out

26th of July 2018

Token Sale Event

Raised the remainder.

Claims of Future Value

Many claims were made by Golder Games admins that GLDR would not depreciate in value at the end of the ICO.

23rd of July 2018 Admin posted that GLDR would be worth USD 1c at the end of the ICO in November 2018.

23rd of July 2018 | Golder Games Telegram Group

ICO Spending

Admin posts about the ICO fund usage. 60% marketing, 30% development and 10% legal and administrative costs.

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