Golder Games had two roadmaps, the first was a business roadmap and the second a technical roadmap that was more detailed.

Business Roadmap

The business roadmap is vague and talks about quarters, it doesn’t specify anything about the new games nor the GLDR platform and information in the whitepaper is vague.

Business roadmap from whitepaper

Technical Roadmap

The technical roadmap is detailed but the project only last for under two months after the token sale finished.

The 15/02/2019 had War Field going live on both Google Android and Apple IOS platforms which is highly unlikely given their stance of cryptocurrency plus the game was never developed to work on these platforms.

Further to this the 15/05/2019 was the launch on Microsoft XBOX and Sony Playstation which is again highly unlikely as both have issues with cryptocurrency, there have been no announcements from these companies and Golder Games removed these from the roadmap towards the end of the ICO.

Both Microsoft and Sony were contacted for comment multiple times but they failed to respond.

The original roadmap from the whitepaper and website

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