The IEO TokenRoll is registered in Estonia (just like the Lithuanian based Bitcoinus) but TokenRoll is operated from Turkey.

Bitcoinus made a decision to get involved with IEO (Initial Exchange Offerings) and their first one is an outright scam that doesn’t even require an in-depth look.

The first warning sign is when your Head of Business Development and Co-Founder Povilas Ruzgaila doesn’t know the pricing for the IEO and quotes a token as USD$47 instead of USD 3c.

14th of May 2019 | Bitcoinus Telegram Group

14th of May 2019 | Bitcoinus Telegram Group

Povilas Ruzgaila responds to the claim that this IEO is a scam by saying they will not allow the withdrawal of funds if they fund any suspicious activities and this applies to all projects. But why list it in the first place? The team has no work experience, the product makes no sense and Bitcoinus know nothing about them.

14th of May 2019 | Bitcoinus Telegram Group

Still confusion from Povilas Ruzgaila over the price.

14th of May 2019 | Bitcoinus Telegram Group

14th of May 2019 | Bitcoinus Telegram Group

80% discounts makes no sense, what legitimate ICO is able to discount by 80%?

14th of May 2019 | Bitcoinus Telegram Group

TokenRoll (TKR)

TokenRoll solves the main issues of the both centralized online casino and decentralized online casino industry by building a decentralized protocol that every online gambler can access without having to interact with blockchain at all. The native token of the protocol, TKR, will help fund the project and the bankroll through the token sale. TKR tokens will be bought back automatically by each game’s bankroll through the internal exchange of the platform which will create steady demand. Supply of the TokenRoll token will be created the token generation sale event and through minting by gambling. There will be no more tokens issued. The demand will be created through the burn utility explained above.


CEO Taner Kasen | No experience | LinkedIn

CTO Eren Cekic | No Experience | LinkedIn

CMO Sahika Sezer | No Experience | LinkedIn

CFO Taha Berk Gursan | No Experience | LinkedIn

Advisor Hamza Khan | ICObench Expert | LinkedIn

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