A2B Taxi

A2B Taxi and Birdchain Signs Partnership
The first blockchain-based taxi platform. 46 cities. 75 million people. One system for taxi service across 46 European cities. Signed a partnership with Birdchain during the live stream. Birdchain will provide A2P SMS and other marketing services to A2B service.

28th of April 2018 | Medium Article


BitReward & Birdchain Signs Partnership Agreement
BitRewards, the blockchain-based rewards and loyalty system for e-commerce businesses, that enables online stores to reward their shoppers with a cryptocurrency has signed a partnership with Birdchain.

19th of February 2018 | Medium Article


Birdchain signs partnership with CarVertical — prebuying 100 Ether worth of Birdchain tokens for future services
CarVertical a blockchain-based car registry solution. Their aim is to gather as much information as possible about cars’ history from different sources like centralized country registries, police, Interpol, insurance, leasing, claims handling service databases, privately owned registries, paid APIs, other sources and puts it into blockchain registry. Ensuring that no one manipulated cars mileage, all insured accidents are logged and data about the car is as extensive as possible. Has signed a partnership with Birdchain — prebuying 100 Ether worth of Birdchain tokens for future services of carVertical!

9th of January 2018 | Medium Article


Coolomat Market and Birdchain Signs Partnership
A market place that will change the current grocery ecosystem. Coolomat is an automated Click & Collect solution, with a digitally managed system of customer-friendly lockers available 24 hours a day. They are already using third party SMS services for their own operations so partnership will benefit both sides.

25th of May 2018 | Medium Article


Iungo & Birdchain Partnership
Iungo has signed a partnership with Birdchain — prebuying 200 Ether worth of Birdchain tokens for their future service!

29th of January 2018 | Medium Article

OkRoute OK Telecom

OK Telecom & Birdchain Signs Partnership
About The Partner
OK TELECOM (OkRoute) helps small to medium enterprises manage their telco accounts and reduce their overheads through provided expert advice and procurement of business-grade digital communication systems.
About The Partnership
OkRoute will integrate Birdchain A2P SMS and Marketing services into its platform and provide SMS traffic to the Birdchain Dapp. In exchange Birdchain will provide OKRoute with priority SMS traffic in Malta and other countries.

27th of February 2018 | Medium Article


Birdchain & Orca Alliance Signs Partnerhsip
About The Partner
ORCA Alliance is the first Open Banking platform merging traditional banking and Crypto services into one interface to deliver effective money management solutions for regular consumers and experienced traders.
About The Partnership
Orca Alliance will integrate Birdchain wallet in their dashboard and offer Birdchain services to Orcas clients.
They will help companies that are interested in Birdchain services, purchase BIRD tokens significantly easier. This means — more companies will use our services and app users will be able to earn more tokens.

28th of February 2018 | Medium Article

Purple Minds Media

Purple Minds Media pre-buys 200 Ether worth of Birdchain tokens for future services!
About The Partner
Purple Minds Media a digital media company that specializes in monetizing online media like website portals, display ads and search engines for brands around the world.
About The Partnership
Purple Minds Media agrees to pre-buy 200ETH worth of Birdchain tokens for the future services that will be employed using our application. Furthermore, they commit not sell Birdchain tokens at least until the Beta version of the app is released.

24th of February 2018 | Medium Article

Rob Eijgenraam who is the co-founder of Purple Minds Media was hired as a marketing advisor during the ICO.

Purple Minds Media

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