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Date of Birth | 26th of December 19xx (26/12/19xx)

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CEO of Birdchain until his departure from Vertex JSC to start with key staff members in August 2018. Developed most of the Birdchain system as contractors without the investors in the ICO being informed.


A dedicated, innovative and performance-driven professional C-level Officer with many years of experience in developing, supporting, and revitalizing organizations. A strategic thinker, adept at operational planning, blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, human resources, financial, advocacy, community relations and risk management. Very good at forging lucrative relationships with key partners, vendors, as well as an ability to resolve recurring problems, helping to define goals and developing opportunities. Expert at continually refining and advancing an organization, able to take the helm and drive forward ambitious and feasible strategic growth and sustainability plans.

• Board/Organizational Development
• Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Technology Enthusiast
• Fundraising & Performance Marketing
• Compliance Issues & Enforcing Accountability
• Public Relations/Speaking & Employee Relations
• Facility/Project/Budget/Performance Management
• Relationship Building
• Operational/Delivery Management

Chief Business Development Officer

Oct 2018 – Present
Vilnius, Lithuania
Identify potential investors and partners in the Financial market and complete appropriate research on the prospective investor’s needs
Develop relationships with prospective investors
Negotiate contract terms with partners and communicate terms to stakeholders
Collaborate with design and production managers to ensure contracted product specifications are executed on-time and as agreed

Chief Business Development Officer

Aug 2018 – Present
Vilnius, Lithuania
• Researching organisations and individuals to identify potential new markets
• Researching the needs of other companies
• Planning and overseeing new marketing initiatives
• Attending conferences, meetings, and industry events
• Training personnel and helping team members develop their skills See less

Vertex JSC
4 yrs 6 mos
Chief Executive Officer
Apr 2017 – Sep 2018

Vilnius, Lithuania
• Responsible for strategic and tactical planning, maintain awareness of new markets and industries, and at the same time finds opportunities to expand.
• Find and develop partnerships (local and foreign) and also represents the company.
Chief Operating Officer
Apr 2014 – Apr 2017

• Responsible for attracting internet users of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Croatia to register in WEB projects we developed.
• Evaluated and reformed the pricing strategy, coordinated PR actions and also established added value for customers.
• Analyzed and corresponded customization of WEB site and its features, developed services on controlled WEB sites and at the same time analyzed competitor used strategies for attracting new users.

Head of Marketing
Way of Brave
Apr 2013 – Apr 2014
• Attracted internet users of Poland, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia to register in WEB projects we develop
• Developed and implemented pricing strategy, collaborated with affiliates, produced IT products and optimized conversions.
• Analyzed user behavior, corresponded customization of WEB site and its features, and also developed services and added value for customers.
• Analyzed competitor used strategies for attracting user, communicated and developed relationships with WEB site users.

Nov 2010 – Jan 2013
• Handled retail and wholesale in Lithuania, represented the company in global exhibitions, sourcing and import of goods and also organized international and local logistics.
• Developed and deployed e-commerce solutions in marketing goods for children, analyzed competitor used strategies and increased market share.
• Developed and implemented marketing and communications strategies (SEM/SEO/Newsletters/Telemarketing/Print)

Head Of Marketing And Communications
Jan 2011 – Jan 2012
• Development and implementation of marketing plans
• Planning and coordination of media releases
• Producing of video commercials
• Implementation of unconventional viral solutions and raising awareness of the company on the Internet
• Increasing customer loyalty
Thanks to my marketing strategy in just three months reached the largest and the most prestigeous aviation journal in the world Aviation Week and other media channels. I have produced three viral videos without exceeding budged of one traditional video commercial. I have prepared information for and arranged 48 media releases that were publicated in 264 journals and specialized portals.

Web Designer
Oct 2008 – Jan 2011
• Helping to develop a client brief.
• Coordinate web projects across departments.
• Work cooperatively with key team members, clients and vendors.
• Monitor staff and freelancers.
• Create, develop and design advertising campaigns for clients. See less

Production Designer
Signs Express Ltd
Sep 2006 – Jul 2007

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