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Linas Tadas Karosas and Saulius Svitojus have been sentenced for bribery

19th of November 2014

2014 November 18 The Vilnius City District Court has pronounced a criminal case in which Linas Tadas Karos was accused of bribery and Saulius Svitojus was accused of bribery, falsification of documents and complicity.

The evidence investigated during the trial has unquestionably proved that the convicts LT Karosas and S. Svitojus, in co-operation with a civil servant equaled to a civil servant – the administrator of UAB GCW, who is in bankruptcy. UAB “Čili holdings” premises, directly gave another 15000 zł.

Likewise, the court proved that Svitoy met with AL to persuade the latter to falsify the actual documents, namely to sign the refusals with retrospective claims, promising that in this case the complaints of UAB Vilsarma and UAB “Tokyo” would be withdrawn to the Enterprise Bankruptcy Management Department AL. in relation to this.

Mr Karosas did not confess his guilt, stating that it was a provocation by A.L. Mr Svitoy did not deny Mr L.’s money transfer, partly admitted his guilt, but he, like Mr Karos, said he was forced and provoked to do so. However, it has been proved in court that such convictions do not correspond to the actual circumstances of the case. The court had doubts about the fact that although LT Karos and Svitojus claimed that it was precisely the bankruptcy administrator AL who provoked and demanded money for its illegal operation, the law enforcement authorities were not addressed by LT Karosas or Svitojus, namely the bankruptcy administrator claiming the bribe. .

The court decided that Karos was found guilty and sentenced him to a fine of LTL 13,000. Svitea’s court also found guilty and imposed a final cumulative sentence of $ 15,600.

The sentence may be appealed within 20 days.

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