A decade of experience with startups. Six years of trading on the Frankfurt, London and New York stock exchanges. Excellent knowledge of investing in cryptowalists. This is how the Lithuanian cryptographic project, TokenDesk, presents one of his leaders, Tomas Mičkauskas. Only for some reason is another episode in his biography – participation in a fraud scheme, which is likely to cost the British about one million pounds.

We’ve already written about TokenDesk last week. Then the 15min study revealed that the project lacks transparency when it comes to laughter.

First of all, Gintaras Tamošiūnas, a former member of the Seimas, headed by TokenDesk, denies the participation of Arūnas Miknius, a colorful reputable entrepreneur, but Artūras Zuokas, former mayor of Vilnius, who has become a kind of TokenDesk advertising. Secondly, an alien turned to 15min when he contacted the same T.Mičkauskas with a false profile – he told him that he had been instructed to transfer his money for a promising cryptotransmitter to a spice company.

T.Mičkauskas denied the sending of the letter. 15min found that both letters – both correspondence in T.Mičkauskas’ letter and his own really 15min sent letter – came from the same IP address and he did not answer any further questions.

And now the story goes on. It turned out that T.Mičkauskas was not as glorious as the start-up and trade in international stock exchanges. For example, pretending to be a charity voter.

In addition, the head of the central TokenDesk company was suddenly replaced yesterday. It has become a 77-year-old British figure in tens or maybe hundreds of businesses.

Maybe you will help charity?

“Maybe you would agree to support an ambulance?” He collected money for charity – ambulance crews, helicopters calling for calls. It was also called the legal entity – Air Ambulance Support Community Interest Company. There was no charity here.

2011 The United Kingdom court ruled on the closure of three companies classified as an outrageous fraud scheme. Among them are Air Ambulance Support Community Interest Company. As civilsociety.co.uk wrote, the British scammed more than a million pounds, and ambulance brigades did not get any puppeteers.

In this and other media media, T.Mičkauskas’ role in the fraud scheme is described identically. He wore a leaflet inviting the British to support the supposed charity. T.Mičkauskas Air Ambulance Support Community Interest Company and two other fraud schemes related to the company’s court decision closed on the same day – 2011 November 2

At least a few participants in this field, as British media reports have shown, have been punished for their petty fraud. As the story of fictitious charity ended with flyer T. Mikkauskas, it has not been possible to determine yet.

The signature is issued by the signature

You will not find Air Ambulance Support Community Interest Company in the official biography of T.Mičkauskas. In its LinkedIn profile, which directs visitors from the TokenDesk site, the entrepreneur lists a long list of companies that have worked. There is no Air Ambulance Support Community Interest Company there.

So the question arises whether the face of TokenDesk and the bearer of fictional charms Tomas Mičkauskas is the same person? The answer to this question is yes.

In his LinkedIn account, one of TokenDesk’s CEOs, T.Mičkauskas, points out in 2009-2012. has worked as a sales manager for T&M Business Solutions Ltd in the UK. The documents of this company are easily accessible in the UK register. Indeed, there it is stated that T. Mikiuskas, born in 1989 January 4, was head of this company. And here is the signature of Tomas Mičkauskas from T&M Business Solutions Ltd:

Now, let’s go to the set of documents presented by the Air Ambulance Support Community Interest Company, featured in the fictional charity, to the UK Registry through its short and glorious life. Here we find that since the establishment of the company it was headed by T.Mičkauskas, born in 1989. January 4 And at least some of the signatures of this T.Mičkauskas.

So either the speech goes about the same person, or in the United Kingdom, two Mickeyus, born on the same day, have been using terribly similar signatures.

Very busy man

For this information, we contacted Mr Mikkauskas in writing last week. We inquired whether information about his past in the collection of supposed charity for ambulance doctors is provided to TokenDesk investors. Also, he was offered to provide all the explanations he wanted and his own version of charity collection. The letter was sent on Thursday evening and there is still no answer to it. So we talked over the phone.

When he was in contact with T.Mičkauskas last week, he did not repeat the meetings again. That’s how he explained why he was throwing a handset, just after hearing the question of paying for tokens through a spice company. He also explained the unwillingness to answer the question of why his “fake” letter with this information was sent from the same IP address as the 15min answers. The call about “charity” gathering and once again hit T.Mickkauskas in a mysterious meeting – at least he himself says.

True, while at the meeting, TokenDesk’s face found quite a bit of time to explain how busy it was and not being able to speak. We give your court full interview with T.Mičkauskas:

  • Hi, Tom. Here is Šarūnas from 15min again. You have not responded to my last letter on all these matters with the Air Ambulance Support Community Interest Company. How was it there?
  • You know, I’m busy, I can’t speak this moment.
  • And when can you?
  • Write. You know, I don’t know how much the meeting will take. You email me a letter and …
  • I’ve already written that week. Did not answer yet.
  • Write it again.
  • And why don’t you answer?
  • No, I say. Busy. I’m at the meeting now. It’s like ..
  • Well, it’s pretty colorful. That you wear leaflets, fictitiously collecting charity. These are quite serious things.
  • Well, seeing … I’m telling you I’m now in a meeting. It’s like … I can’t speak. Write a letter.
  • I’ve already written. I look forward to a reply.
  • Regularly Goodbye.

The new leader is a 77-year-old veteran

At the end of writing this story, another new circumstance emerged. New data on the TokenDesk project center, TokenDesk Ltd, appeared on Tuesday in the UK register. And these new data questions are more than giving answers.

The British company established just a month ago was headed by one of the TokenDesk team members Renatas Morkūnas. But in these honorable positions he was somehow staying for less than a month. According to the UK registry, Stuart Poppleton became the new head of TokenDesk Ltd. Who is he? Well, it is only from the documents provided that he is 77 years old British. And if you look further, you will see that he is a real professional. Only in the non-cryptographic sector.

Poppleton is probably a professional lieutenant. Such people just take the glory and title of the company director, often without realizing what the company is doing. There are dozens or maybe hundreds of companies in the UK registry that are led or led by the 1940s. Stuart Poppleton was born in June. But it does not do it either as a management guru or as a business shark.

By the way, the United Kingdom is also represented by the name Stuart Ralph Poppleton, also born in 1940. in June. Probably the same person. The longer version of Mr. Poppleton’s name, according to the register, has been assigned to management positions more than 300 times. If you have a buzz, you can view the entire list here.

Of course, a long list of companies that pop up at one time, Mr Poppleton, is not a crime. But the reliability of TokenDesk Ltd does not.

M.Pareščius: it does not promise anything good

Acquainted with the facts of 15min discovered by T.Mičkauskas’ biography, IT security expert Marius Pareščius categorically evaluated such information. It is a clear signal that investment in TokenDesk is a very risky solution.

“As far as I understand, the other will be a charity ICO [i.e. offering to buy a cryptowalk], complete with all the joys. Such as banks, credit unions, web portals. Why not? – Ironically M.Parščius. – The tube is really good. When you put all of them in a common list and start to knit a little deeper – you really need to think about what you’re doing. ”

According to the speaker, the reputation of the project participants in such initiatives plays a very important role. Now it is very doubtful that TokenDesk promises success over reality.

“There are times when it has been told people to return money – and they are not listed by stock exchanges. There are not one such case. I think this case is very similar. The only question is if there will be a busy day in January-February, what to list there. Are they really ready for that technical solution and are they really not a scam. I don’t like such a picture. (…) Odorless. Very tasteless. Especially seeing such, let’s name it, founders. I would not recommend working and getting on such a hook. Because the final version will probably be like some of the isolated ICOs: closing, bankruptcy and “we didn’t.” Failed – and you did not receive a crypt or a profit from it – failed to hide skepticism by Pareščius.

We remind you that the history of T.Mičkauskas in the collection of the supposed charity is not the only TokenDesk problem. Paysera, a payment operator, has limited the company’s account through which tokens were offered to buy – TokenDesk promises to distribute the crypt. In addition, the Bank of Lithuania strongly recommends that national financial institutions do not engage in such activities.

Coincidence or not – but TokenDesk also talks about charity. It is promising to allocate a small portion of the project’s revenue.

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