These allegations have been raised a number of times and neither Povilas Ruzgaila nor TokenDesk have ever denied them.

Povilas Ruzgaila was running a company called Scand Jobs operating from Žemaitės g. 22, Vilnius 03201, Lithuania and working with an Arturas Maculevicius. They were charging 499 lt (Lituanian Litas – approximately €170) for recruitment services for positions that didn’t exist in Finland picking fruit. The victims only knew they were scammed when they arrived into Finland.

Arturas Maculevicius is located in Vilnius, Lithuania and has a date of birth 23/09/xxxx. He is known to use the following number +37067527142. There is another number which he may use but this may belong to Povilas Ruzgaila +37067680519.


Scand jobs (Povilas Ruzgaila ir Artūras Maculevičius)

Scand jobs (Povilas Ruzgaila and Artūras Maculevičius) and Vidmantas Laukaitis are scams

This summer, a number of advertisers appearing to be working in the Kajaani forests in Finland to collect mushrooms and berries in fintrud, an intermediary company in Estonia. Povilas Ruzgaila’s fake company Scand jobs and Vidmantas Laukaiitis (formerly known as a fool of S. Leskauskas) flashed ads on the main recruitment pages offering around 1,000-3,000 euros per month, claiming that this year’s harvest is never good and collection prices are around € 2 kilograms of blueberries and 4-11 euros per mushroom. The main earnings were said to be blueberries, which they allegedly had blueed with combs in a bucket for half an hour and a total of 100 kg per day.

Povilas Ruzgaila and his friend Artūras Maculevicius are apparently new players in this illegal business cheating business (they assured that they worked only with Estonians last year). They were located in Žemaitės g. 22-3 in an unregistered office without any signboards (employees of neighboring firms did not even know they were working there). Their firm “scand jobs” is also fictitious. For “recruitment” in Finnish forests took 499 lt. The first people went around July 26th – July 27th. opening the official berry season in Finland. After entering the office, Povilas tried to believe that the scammers are only Vidmantas Laukaitis and Leskauskas, and they are the only legal persons who have signed full contracts with the Estonian company fintrud.
Vidmantas Leskauskas basically offered the same thing as Povilas Ruzgaila only started to pay 100 litas (600 litas) for his services.

There have now been many online complaints from those berries who have suffered from these individuals, but they still seem to be able to get away nicely. They do not respond to calls, messages and look like they are lost in the water. Meanwhile, Vidmantas is still trying to propagate propaganda on the internet complaints page, that complaints are only written by lazy paranoia, but obviously not. In Finland, this year’s berry harvest is still poor (although the dealers said it was the opposite), so all the Lithuanians who traveled there faced the problem that there was no harvest, all the savings were spent on traveling to the Kajaani neighborhood and the mediator, so some have already returned home, others stayed home for some to earn some return (maximum earnings are 30Eur to day). Accommodation took place at school, teaching 6 euros a day, there were no people who supposedly had to curate the whole thing in Finland, some even had to find collectors. Including the fact that there is a need to eat, it is obvious that people have been completely deceived (it is understandable that most people overestimated the opportunities, but the scammers had to at least not let lies).

I am writing to collect the data of the victims and to have enough complaints to convict those three cheaters who are profiting from the unemployed during the crisis. Anyone who has been harmed should write about their experience in Finland (complaint) and contact here or by e-mail in order to collect complaints and bring these actors into law enforcement hands.

P. Povilas Ruzgaila has given the following telephone numbers: 8-676 80519, 8-675 27142, but does not answer yet.


Collection of berries in Finland
Salary: EUR 1,500.00 / Month
Location: Finland
Country: Finland
Position type: Full-time
Experience level: No experience
Educational Level: Professional


Urgent pickers of berries and mushrooms are needed in Sweden, Finland! The electoral groups are formed until August 30, departure from mid-July. Salaries 1500-3000EU per month. The number of employees is limited.

The berry / mushrooming season is officially announced by the Ministry of Environment in Finland. This year it should start on July 12-19 and continue until the second half of October.

Work is not particularly difficult, but it is desirable that those who want to work are physically healthy. Age – 18 years. There is no upper age limit, but it is necessary to assess your chances of being employed.

Persons with addictions to alcohol or other psychotropic substances are undesirable.

Working and living conditions are really good. There will be 2-4 people living in the room. All amenities, including internet, TV, sauna, are in every house. When living in a room for more than 4 people, there are discounts for rent, it is 6EU per person per day.

The indicative berry buying prices are: blueberries (one of the main berries) ~ 2EU / Kg, chanterelles (depending on the species) from 4 to 11EU / Kg. Good yield is forecast this year. In such cases, we collect ~ 100kg of berries per day (working 8 hours). Berries are picked with special tools that you buy at a low cost. They are legal in Finland because of the largest forest area in Europe. Because your entire salary will depend on YOUR own, there are no overtime or other restrictions, so you can plan your earnings and work distribution very flexibly. Depending on your desire to earn money, you can also work on weekends.

Payments are made twice a week in cash or (recommended) to a bank account.

You will need teams of 3-5 people to work on (team members or relatives are advised to make a team. If there is a shortage of people we will help to complete the team). You will also need a car. Experience has shown that it is best to drive your own car with the people you choose. If you do not have a car, you can rent it in Finland for 5eu / day. This is guaranteed by the Finnish company.

If you do not have a car and do not drive, we will add you to the team with the car.

More information:

Phone: 8675 27142, 8-676 80519

skype: arturas.maculevicius email:

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