1st of March 2017

TokenDesk idea, platform functionality, agreements with partners, team establishment, opening of the main headquarters.

1st of May 2017

ICOs preparation process, web development, platform architecture, financial plans, marketing strategy.

12th of September 2017

TokenDesk pre-announcement.

4th of October 2017

ICO publishing (more info is available under the ICOs timeline).

24th of December 2017


1st of February 2018

TokenDesk’s TDS tokens are listed in the tokens exchange platforms BittFinext, Kraken, and Bitrex.

1st of March 2018

Release of the TokenDesk PLATFORM beta version with integrated wallets, including 30 different altcoins and Fiat (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Western Union) payments. Work started on the ranking solution.

10th of April 2018

TokenDesk PLATFORM with its main functionalities released (a direct tokens purchasing platform with an integrated wallet).

1st of September 2018

Launch of a sales office in the USA.

1st of December 2018

Integration of the TokenDesk PLATFORM with the release of a secondary token marketplace.

31st of December 2018

More than 150 ICOs with a total turnover of 880 mln USD.

15th of February 2019

Establishment team of experts and presentation of the ranking system.

1st of April 2019

Release of the TokenDesk PLATFORM app for Android and IOs.

1st of September 2019

Launch of a sales office in Canada and Spain.

31st of December 2019

Tokendesk sales will reach 105 mln USD

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