As has been the case in the other ICOs that have exited in similar ways IUNGO have been deleting information to cover their tracks and make it hard for investors to hold them accountable. A Co-Founder has tried to conceal his involvement by removing all of his posts in the IUNGO Telegram Group, Medium articles have been removed and posts on BitcoinTalk has been deleted.

Removing ICO Financial Information

IUNGO published a medium article on the 1st of February 2018 that was deleted after they announced winding down support on the 30th of November 2018.

Fortunately a copy was found and is shared here.

IUNGO Network Hits Hard Cap and Raises $23M USD

The dust has finally settled and the IUNGO Network token sale is winding down after an exciting few weeks.

The results of this sale and the response and passion for this project from our more than 11,000 token sale participants and 11,500 telegram members has exceed our wildest expectations.

“We have hit our hard cap of 40 Million ING Tokens raising $23 Million USD to execute the next phase of our road map and to build the world’s first decentralized global WiFi network,” says CEO and co-founder at IUNGO Ričardas Bernotavičius.

These funds will fuel IUNGO’s global expansion and will be initially utilized as follows:

  • To hire world class Blockchain Developers, Engineers, Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Executives.
  • To invest in R&D and develop the hardware to bring our vision into reality
  • To develop our front end software applications for desktop and mobile
  • To open regional offices across Europe, Asia Pacific, the Americas, Middle East & Africa to focus on local partnerships with Telecoms, Enterprises, Governments and small businesses globally
  • To attract 3rd party DApp developers, traditional businesses and other decentralized projects to participate in the IUNGO application ecosystem
  • Consumer Marketing and promotion to raise awareness about the benefits of participating as a user in the freemium IUNGO Ecosystem
  • Legal & Compliance to ensure we can operate in as many jurisdictions as possible as a partner to local authorities and not a threat
  • IUNGO will partner with NGOs and Governments to help bring internet to the several billion people in the developing currently without access, strategically expanding our global reach

“More details will follow over the coming days and weeks and I cannot express how excited and fired up our team is to make a dent in the universe,” says Ričardas Bernotavičius.

The smart contract is now closed so please do not send ETH there. The IUNGO wallet remains open to finalize purchases and update your ERC20 wallet for token delivery etc.

Deleted posts on BitcoinTalk

This post on BitcoinTalk made by iungonetwork was removed along with other posts in late 2018.

we have a strong & experienced team who are working together for many years (not a fake “ICO teams” created from stock photos)

we have a big part of a product already

we are targeting a big market with incumbent players ripe for disruption

1st of November 2018 | BitcoinTalk
1st of November 2017 | BitcoinTalk

This post on BitcoinTalk made by iungonetwork was removed along with other posts in late 2018.

There is some information in our LinkedIn profiles, but we as team started more than 12 years ago, at that time we started creating huge project in Second Life (hope it is still alive Smiley. Our mission was to create marketplace for all Items in Second Life, also places for traveling. We did manage to create a HUD (heads up display where you can shop anytime anywhere from your screen), also – KIOSK and voting stations in places. We have reached more than 1 million people with Meta Life project. Here i found some article about us – But Second Life as project with that technology did not evolved.

Other projects:

  1. We as a team managed to become biggest wholesale for kids GPS watches, selling in every retail store and in every mobile operator store. Recently we got 2017 Technology award (streamed on live TV)
  2. We as a team created language learning courses, English, Russian, French, Norwegian etc). There is about 18 projects still live.
  3. We as team have created telecare solution for elderly people, software and hardware, maintenance and customer service, uninterrupted monitoring solutions. Project is live and running.

Now its time to create something more bigger! We have always wanted to change – people to help learn languages, project for elderly people, help parents feel safe about their kids. Now we want to make simple and fast access to worldwide internet with IUNGO

1st of November 2017 | BitcoinTalk

Paulius Sirevičius deleted Telegram Posts

Paulius Sirevičius has removed all of his posts to the IUNGO telegram group sometime after the 31st of January 2019.

IUNGO Telegram Group on the 31st of January 2019
IUNGO Telegram Group on the 19th of June 2019

Ričardas Bernotavičius deleted Telegram Posts

Ričardas Bernotavičius removed himself from the IUNGO group and deleted all his posts prior to the 29th of January 2019 before rejoining on the 17th of April 2019.

IUNGO Telegram Group 19th of June 2019

Dylan Sharkey deleted Telegram Posts

Dylan Sharkey removed himself from the IUNGO group and deleted all his posts sometime before the 29th of January 2019, he has done this in the other ICOs he has been involved with and just disappears without a word.

21st of September 2018 | Dylan’s Message has been removed
29th of November 2018 | Dylan’s Message has been removed
29th of January 2019 | Dylan has deleted all his messages before this date

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