The TokenDesk ICO TOKIA had support from Povilas Ruzgaila who never mentioned the conflict of interest when promoting TOKIA in their Telegram group. Not only was Povilas Ruzgaila working for TokenDesk at the time he was also involved in another ICO called Bitcoinus which another is of the TokenDesk ICOs.

Co-Founder of TOKIA Jessie C. Parks invited Povilas Ruzgaila and he was the third member to join after creation of the Telegram Group.

The TOKIA Telegram Group is formed with Povilas Ruzgaila as the second member

Telegram isn’t the easiest to navigate and a tactic that Povilas Ruzgaila uses is one or two words per line so a single sentence can take up half a screen, this means someone joining in won’t see what was being discussed without scrolling back.

As you will see from the following posts it appears that Povilas Ruzgaila was not acting as an investor but deliberately derailed conversations, ridiculed investors and made all manner of claims that were not based on any facts.

The following posts were made on the 24th of December 2017. This is not all the posts he made that day.

The following is a photo taken of a Google image search of one of the TOKIA staff members photo. It’s pretty conclusive proof of wrongdoing except of course to Povilas Ruzgaila.

24th of December 2017 | This is one of the photos that posted by an investor

Povilas Ruzgaila has excuses for everything that is being discussed at the time, the mail forwarding address in London is fine, the lack of details for the team is also fine and the banning of an investor who asked questions regarding another TOKIA staffer who had a fake profile image is dismissed as that investor was probably rude.

Despite the clear conflict of interest Povilas Ruzgaila continues to attempt to derail the conversation by wearing down the investors who have legitimate questions.

Telling the investors they have no idea what they’re talking about.

The mail forwarding service is dismissed as nothing to worry about and perfectly normal but given that is how Bitcoinus operates of course he wouldn’t say anything about it.

Totally dismissive of all arguments and evidence.

Screenshots were provided showing the fake admin photos were in use on many other websites with different names but he claims that is not proof.

Povilas Ruzgaila claims he will increase his investment in TOKIA and that the other investors are crybabies.

Povilas Ruzgaila tries again to derail talk of the location of TOKIA employees by saying that are international but he is aware that they are located in the same building in Vilnius that he operates from.

Povilas Ruzgaila dismisses the previous proof that was posted that two of the admins had photos they downloaded from the internet and after this he ridicules the other investors after he is asked why he is defending them so hard.

The account at this time had just the initials P. R. and when questioned if they stood for public relations he claims that his first name was Paul.

Povilas Ruzgaila is asked if he’s being paid to promote Tokia and he denies this and claims he has common sense and experience. He is working for TokenDesk which is funding TOKIA, he is business partner of the CEO of Blockchain Solutions who is marketing TOKIA and he is involved in a related ICO Bitcoinus that has a faux partnership with TOKIA. A clear conflict of interest.

To top off actions he now wants everyone to forgive the admins before telling one of the investors that they can die. No matter how you look at this it’s a truly appalling way to treat an investor who wants answers.

Povilas Ruzgaila next calls an investor stupid.

No mention again of the conflict of interest and knowing that Tokia was a scam from the start like many other TokenDesk ICOs it’s very unlikely that Povilas Ruzgaila actually purchased any TOKIA tokens.

The following messages are from the 20th of January 2018.

Questions around the security of the TokenDesk system are shut down by Povilas Ruzgaila.

And now Povilas Ruzgaila claims that an ICO is only an idea which requires plenty of funding to succeed.

With his knowledge of TokenDesk, Povilas Ruzgaila is very quick to claim that TOKIA was not a scam. Povilas Ruzgaila was quick to say he had nothing to do with the site despite it being built by TokenDesk and that he is not from TOKIA when he has a relationship with them.

Another claim that he likes TOKIA so he invested in them. The unknown investor made it clear what they thought of Povilas Ruzgaila.

Misleading information from Povilas Ruzgaila when he claims he doesn’t know where they are when they are operating from the same building in Vilnius that is he is working out of.

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