Many questions were raised regarding TOKIA in the early stages of the ICO and the TOKIA CEO Anna Lunhu was removed and replaced by Co-Founder Nathan Tafer with nothing being said to investors.

On the 23rd of February the removal of Anna Petrowna Lunhu as Director occurred and the appointment of Nathan Tafer as the new Director and CEO of TOKIA.

This change was not communicated to investors and the website still listed Anna Lunhu as the CEO. Questions were raised in the TOKIA Telegram Group however discussions were often deleted along with the users asking them like the example below where the user was deleted for asking questions. The response from Administrator Marius Tamasuskas was that she was still working for TOKIA and still a Founding Partner but she had only left the CEO post.

27th of May 2018 | Tokia Telegram Forums

The Director of the Lithuanian company UAB Notus Technicus which was the employer of all of the staff for TOKIA is Mantas Marčiulaitis who is likely to be the real CEO and thus responsible for what took place at TOKIA. The UK operation of TOKIA was nothing but a sham to conceal the real Lithuanian company and has been used by other TokenDesk ICOs.

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