Travellers in transit: always connected with IUNGO network Wi-Fi while relaxing in AirPod
Furthering its mission to become a Global Wi-Fi provider, IUNGO network is pleased to announce its new partnership with AirPod, a service provider of private capsules for rest and work when on the go.
The AirPod is a private capsule-like unit designed for public spaces — such as airports, bus & train stations, event venues and shopping centres. It serves as the perfect solution for people looking to rest or finish some work without moving out of their current location. The AirPod is equipped with an ergonomically designed seat that converts into a bed, with Wi-Fi, air conditioning and much more.
All travellers experience similar inconveniences with internet connection when travelling. Both IUNGO network and AirPod seeks to provide travellers with convenience on the spot. With this new partnership, travellers will have more Wi-Fi hotspots across World’s airports and stations, leveraging IUNGO network technology and AirPod locations.

4th of July 2018 | Medium Article


There are extensive links to Bitcoinus. Ricardas Bernotavicius the CEO of IUNGO partially owned Bitcoinus at one stage.

Twitter Bitcoinus

IUNGO Network – an ICO that raised over $23M will be integrating Bitcoinus crypto payment processing into their platform!

It is a great start of our 1000 e-commerce companies quest!


29th of January 2018 | Medium Article

Blockchain Open Fund

Blockchain Open Fund Website

Goldfish Fund

Blockchain Open Fund Website


IUNGO and Mysterium Network to integrate their decentralized global WiFi and VPN Networks
IUNGO is delighted to announce that it will be partnering with Mysterium Network to be the first 3rd party add-on in the IUNGO application ecosystem. It will enable IUNGO WiFi users not only to access the internet anywhere in the world but will also make the connection completely anonymous.

20th of December 2017 | Medium Article


Internet Disruptors are Joining Forces!
IUNGO Network is revolutionizing Internet infrastructure and announcing a partnership with Internet Disruptor NOIA Network.
As the quantity and the “weight” of online content is growing by a staggering amount, the current Internet infrastructure is rapidly becoming incapable of serving all this demand.
To solve this problem, NOIA Network is building the first decentralized Content Delivery Network. By enabling households and data centers to earn passive income by renting out their unused bandwidth resources, NOIA Network is creating an incredibly efficient and less costly network of nodes dedicated to web content delivery.

11th of July 2018 | Medium Article


Coming Soon


Another partnership that made no sense but made it look like these ICOs were achieving something.

An explanation from a TOKIA staff member Mazvydas Rupsys as to the benefit of the partnership between TOKIA and IUNGO was puzzling to say the least.

TOKIA goes hand in hand with another successful ICO to provide more added value to our future clients. IUNGO has started their ICO to fund the incredible idea of expanding a single reliable and fast Wifi network all around the world. With their knowledge and expertise the project will seem to take off soon as most of the necessary infrastructure as well as the online platform is already being developed.

24th of January 2018 | TOKIA Telegram Group

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